Warcraft Anniversary: Celebrating 15 years of making gamers look like dorks

A gallery of geeky & seedy WoW 'art'.

Chris Jager writes: "The Warcraft series has been embarrassing normal gamers (and enthralling nerds) for 15 years. That's one-and-half decades of orcs, elves and archmages. With more than 11 million players regularly getting their crawl on, World of Warcraft is easily one of the most successful computer games of all time. And we're all the poorer for it - both literally and metaphorically.

In our humble opinion, World of Warcraft combines the worst aspects of gaming into one horrendously nerdy package (indeed, it topped our Videogame Shame File list, which is really saying something). The hackneyed D&D mythos, the tedious grinding, the Leetspeak, the elf babes, Leeroy Jenkins... there's a lot to be ashamed of here.

But far be it for us to besmirch the festivities. To mark this ignoble occasion, we've collated a gallery of the most embarrassing WoW-based art in existence. (Did we say 'embarrassing'? Because we meant awesome.)"

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csimpson3304d ago

"If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with this imagery, you really need to get laid (and not by another WoW player – there’s enough ‘fat love’ on the streets as it is.)"

That's just harsh! LOL

Pen Pooh3304d ago

That was pretty funny. But it needed more hot cosplay pics -- you can never have enough of those!

grumpysmurf3303d ago

Hot cosplay pics < kaldorei camel toe.

spankipants3304d ago

Lol. Hilarious... even if I am a WoW nerd >.>

jimboh2k3304d ago

Proud (ok slightly ashamed) fan of the Warcraft legacy, enjoyed your piece!

grumpysmurf3303d ago

The 'kaldorei camel toe' pic is just plain wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.