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klimkuz3277d ago


Looks like the one from E3.

PS360PCROCKS3277d ago

"There have been released a new trailer of Mass Effect 2."

whoa somebody needs a grammar course...

Millah3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Its called Google Translator.


PS360PCROCKS3277d ago

Ha! "it's called google translator" no sh*t sherlock...I noticed that, just because google sucks at translations doesn't mean the person who SUBMITTED the story has to leave it that way...I guess half a brain is hard to find around these parts.

Maticus3277d ago

Can't even see the trailer now o,O

criticalkare3277d ago

Where is the trailers? sigh... why was this approved?

micro_invader3277d ago

You're supposed to click the link BEFORE approving.