Getting The Urge

Critical Gamer Writes: Games are funny things are they not? In one of my other articles I talked about how games allow us to do things we wouldn't normally consider doing in the real world, and it seems even little things that we do in games, we do without thinking. What I mean is, the way we feel the need to smash a line-up of bottles on a wall! Seriously, who can resist it? You're standing there with a gun in your hand and you see a set of pretty bottles all in a row sitting on a shelf, the maths is easy; Gun + Bottles = A smashing good time! That's maybe too obvious for what I'm trying to put across here though, let me explain; there are little urges at work in our brains that persuade us to do some really odd things in games sometimes.

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unknown_gamer3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I remember playing the demo and getting to the bar and spending hours shooting the bottles to see which way they would break, also the water melons would get a touch too.

scruffy_bear3304d ago

I know what you mean :), in GTA 3 I couldn't stop running over people or killing them with a Baseball bat

Jim Crikey3304d ago

Sounds a bit OCD to me! Then again, so does my compulsion to hotwire cars in Chinatown wars even though I know a way around it...

Cubes3304d ago

Fallout 3 was a hoarders paradise. I had all kinds of junk stored away for a rainy day. You just never know when you might need that broken crutch...

unknown_gamer3304d ago

Got to agree I did nothing but hoard everything in Fallout 3

ThanatosDMC3303d ago

I spent so many hours on Fallout 3 on steam for that... then bought Fallout 3 GOTY on the PS3 and did the same... something was just wrong with me. I always loot wonderglue and turpentine but never paintguns.

Jockie3304d ago

Ahh, when smashable windows made their entrance into gaming it was a good day. Ever played Die Hard trilogy on the PS1? Used to smash all the windows in both Die Hard 1 and 2 games, unfortunately Die Hard with a vengeance was car based :(

scruffy_bear3304d ago

Die Hard trilogy was unrated game, in Die Hard 2 I used to shoot all the windows too :), good times

malfesto3304d ago

From a psychological point of view - without the restrictions of the super ego we're free to cause mass destruction and wreckless crimes. Knowing that the virtual world doesn't have real world implications, we're free to explore our innate desires.

From a gamer's perspective - How awesome is the destruction system in Red Faction? :)

scruffy_bear3304d ago

Red Faction 3 destruction system is awesome love bring buildings down around the enemy