Capcom says Haunting Ground 2 is not happening

Capcom says that they don't plan on making a sequel to Haunting Ground.

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TenSteps3184d ago

I kiinda liked that game

Gandalf3184d ago

Agreed. I like the game overall.

agmsd3184d ago

I liked the style on that game and on Clock Tower 3 as well..

DarkBlood3184d ago

doesnt that girl look like shes from re4.... nah couldnt be

playnation3184d ago

this game it's on my top 20 list.

Wolf8733184d ago

it was a good franchise they just stopped dead. One mistake and they wrote it off like it was nothing. I hope sale go strong for it on PSN so people know that it is still remembered quite fondly.

omodis4203184d ago

I remember wanting to check this game out and then I bought PS3 and kinda forgot about it. Maybe I'll check it out now that it is probably 10 bucks at GameStop.

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