Eurogamer: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Review

Eurogamer writes: "With cattle-on-human homicide on the increase in the UK, I think the time has come for ramblers' groups to replace their standard 'keep dogs under control when close to livestock' advice, with something a bit more robust. Trampers of the British countryside, 'if charged by an enraged bull, stand perfectly still until the animal is a few feet away, then unload both barrels of your shotgun into its slavering face before stepping smartly to one side.'"

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BWS19823277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

with them (when have I agreed with Eurogamer? I don't think ever) because the game is still priced at $20, and I got it for $18...Sure there's nothing new, that's why it's less than half of a brand new game. Serious Sam 1st Enc. did come out for $20, in 2001 I bought it, I've played them all, beat them all. So I get the complaints, and yes, more COULD have been added, but that's about all he found wrong, and since most critics gave the first a 9 in '01, I'd say about a 2 point reduction is absurd.

The point of this was fanfare IMO, and they kept the price low. I'm sorry, but I'm not buying a reduction of points for value, which is essentially what they're doing by complaining about nothing new and mentioning the first one in the bargain bin. What if people never picked it up the first time, you tell them it's still a 7? The first was released 8 years ago, and I'm sure a lot of people never played a single version of it.

If the game was like $5, it seems based on the review they'd probably have given it like an 8 or 9. So c'mon, it's still the addictive and mindless fun game, but prettier, that's all everyone was expecting, because that's all that it was said to be. Why are they being so negative as always?

The guy just keeps ranting about how he's not playing L4D2 instead. Fine, you gave your mediocre score out, dealt your scorn, now go play your precious game. Sheesh, sad.

Polluted3277d ago

"Why are they being so negative as always?"

This whole industry thrives on negativity. We (gamers) really are a spiteful bunch.

Minimox163277d ago

they should be called ""