Review of New Super Mario Bros Wii at Bright Hub

Bright Hub writes: Super Mario
World remains my favorite game of all time, and while I've enjoyed the 3D iterations of the Mario series, I'd always longed for a return to the simple joy of navigating a two-dimensional world with carefully-timed jumps and discovering hidden secrets in a strictly vertical and horizontal space. New Super Mario Bros
on the DS was a ray of light, but I figured my hopes of ever playing a 2D Mario on my TV were foolish. That is, until I heard about New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Apparently I'm not the only old-school gamer out there longing for a little traditional Mario gaming, because the developers at Nintendo are clearly catering to our nostalgic tastes with New Super Mario Bros Wii. As close to a true sequel to Super Mario World as I ever imagined possible, NSMB Wii takes everything I love about the classic Mario games and combines it into something that actually lives up to my idealized memories of the series."

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