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2 Days 2 Vegas vs. GTA IV Visual Comparison

The Grand Theft Auto titles have been considered to be some of the best sandbox games yet. GTA3 on PlayStation 2 set the standard for free roaming in a large world, with guns, whores, fast cars, wild missions and a storyline.

Saint's Row put up a good fight when it was released on Xbox 360 last year, but other than that, very little has challenged Rockstar's throne.

Now GTA IV is on the horizon, and we have a new challenger. 2 Days 2 Vegas is due early 2008, and one of the developer's goals is to make it even more immersive than GTA.

Unfortunately, little is known about either title. But here is a screenshot comparison. As you'll see below, 2 Days 2 Vegas is a more than worthy competitor... (2 Days to Vegas, Grand Theft Auto IV, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Rockstar  +   3043d ago
It seems as though I've seen these comparison screen shots a while back, if I remember correctly.

Anybody else remember these?
drtysouf21  +   3043d ago
Hmmm i'm leaning towards
2 Days 2 Vegas has better screenshots.
closedxxx  +   3043d ago
No Contest
If we're just judging screenshots, the winner is clearly 2 days 2 Vegas.
The overall better game could still easily be GTA.
Traditionally, GTA has never had the cutting edge graphics. Games like God of War made GTA: San Andreas look like a beta version with its flat color pallette, and lack of detail and lighting effects.
Legionaire2005  +   3043d ago
When they say more immersive than GTA they mean the past GTA series LOL!!!!
They have no idea how realistic GTA 4 is going to be. 2 days from New York to Vegas sounds linear don't you think? Read the psu.com link from NoUseMerc 7# and you will see what I am talking about when I say 2 days. GTA already prove itself from True Crimes, Saint Rows, Crackdown, and soon 2 days 2 Vegas. GTA is the King of Sandbox games!!!!
Coffin87  +   3043d ago
yeah i think your right with this point.
it doesn't matter at all how detailed the textures are - gta iv will live up to its hype (that isn't in full swing yet), just as every gta title lives up to its reputation.

yet another unworthy competitor.
Bill Gates  +   3043d ago
2 Days.
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3043d ago
I hate Bill Gates. What a douche.

Celebrity deathmatch- Kuturagi vs. Gates - Gates wins by plasma stick.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   3043d ago
Bill Gates is like an annoying mosquito that needs to be squashed on the wall or something
nirwanda  +   3043d ago
GTA 4 is all in game and from what Ive seen from the trailer/tech demo is pretty dam impressive for a large sandbox game but for all i know the 2 day to vegas stuff could just be target renders like the killzone trailer until i see something like a tech demo or gameplay footage I'd wait until you start comparing them
THC PRITCHARD  +   3043d ago
2 days deffo but that games is not final
if so

there is no way that will fit on dvd sorry but no way
NoUseMerc  +   3043d ago
2 Days 2 Vegas
2 Days 2 vegas will be better and I will tell you why. Read this:
DixieNormS  +   3043d ago
Good info. GTA started all and has done it well. Vegas looks amazing for an open game. But once it does come out I hope it blows other out of the water with its gameplay.
eLiNeS_NIGGER  +   3043d ago
It says the screen shots are in game?? I just wonder what the final product is like? Thanks for the link.
Legionaire2005  +   3043d ago
GTA 4 looks little better than 2 days to Vegas
If they want to make this game much better than GTA 4, then they first of all got to change the title, because it gives people the impression that the game is over in two game days through a linear path LOL!!! GTA series is one of the originators of sandbox titles, so GTA already prove that it is the most dominate sandbox game on the planet. True crimes, Crackdown, Saint Rows, and the rest of the sandbox titles can't beat GTA the originator.

Related video
eLiNeS_NIGGER  +   3043d ago
This game is exclusive to ps3 (i think) but if i'm wrong, i wonder how many disks the 360 version will have???? hmmmmm
BlackIceJoe  +   3043d ago
For some reason I also thought this was a PS3 only game. But I do not think any more. It is possible you are thinking about Getaway. That will be a PS3 only game.
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power of Green  +   3043d ago
If Vegas is PS3 exclusive i wonder what they have been showing the visuals on??????hmmmmmmm......
eLiNeS_NIGGER  +   3043d ago
A f!cking Horse, what the f!ck u think moron, The 360 is going to need 4 intercoolers and 4 towels to run this game ha......
power of Green  +   3043d ago
I'm thinking the industry will try and market the PS3 like they did with Ps2 last generation showing off XBOX visuals with Sony's Name in big lettering on screen with Xbox in small print in the corner. Kind of like what people tried to pull off with Assasin's Creed, I'v been called the same in that scam aswell.

#11 those Red Laser DVD's you're talking about will start out with 18 gigs but they're releasing 40 & 50 gig verions later on. They will be able to display all HD rez's and they will work with any red laser reading divices currently out. Later on they will release Blue laser DVD as well, its a third format that will have a better chance than all the others trying to compete with BR and HD-DVD.
Odion  +   3043d ago
Please can you shut the hell up with the stupid DvD bit??? You know why Mass Effect can't be on the PS3? Because no one has a PS3 to sell to, its pretty much as legit an excuse as you people keep spewing out.

Or don't you know the new DvD's coming out this year can have up to 18 gigs of room of them, OH is that double the room!
socomnick  +   3043d ago
18 gigs of room thats cool. Got any more info on this new format does that mean in theory that any ordinary dvd player will read them.
I always believed there was no need to get rid of dvd just improve the compression or improve the technology and baam you can hold more gigs. If this is true then Blueray and Hd-dvd are not necessary.
warfed  +   3043d ago
maybe you should do some research before you talk... the quad-layer DVD is a new format that is based on a DVD but will need new DVD players to play it. Your Xbox won't be able to play them :'( sorry
Amplifier  +   3043d ago

You mean to tell me that there is going to be a 4th SKU X360 in order to read those discs?

You guys are pathetic reaching for the stars but fall on the pavement face first!


P.S. - Both titles are multi-platform, but the devs for 2 Days...said that they like Blu-Ray because they can fit more stuff on the disc that they want in the game.
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FadedDRFT  +   3043d ago
Looks good
Both games look great i just hope GTA does'nt delay
TheMART  +   3043d ago
Not sure...

2 Days looks more clean, GTA4 looks more vibrant (although less real maybe sometimes)

In the end I would say GTA, especially the last screenshot
Keyser  +   3043d ago
I think GTA has a different artistic direction (I hope that's not getting overly used) than 2 days to Vegas. The sky looks more yellow and the scenery (though detailed) appears like something that's not supposed to catch your attention while GTA seems like everything is part of the ambience.

Remember how Vice City sort of looked old and you felt like you were in the 80's. I don't know. It's been a long day. Maybe I'm seeing things. They both look and sound like good games so I'll be getting them both regardless of the graphics. Two different stories...
lil bush  +   3043d ago
will just see when both games are out........
ShiftyLookingCow  +   3043d ago
GTA 4 is more dirty, detailed and rich, the other one a little too clean
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3043d ago
Different developers, different art styles................
both equally brilliant!
Watkins  +   3043d ago
Hmm, I wanna see a comparision with the Getaway instead .. That game looks a lot better than both of these
tehcellownu  +   3043d ago
2 days looks really great...gta looks good too..
PS360PCROCKS  +   3043d ago
gta wins out no doubt in my mind.
spacetoilet  +   3043d ago
GTA is way better. Lighting and detail, everything.
Bhai  +   3043d ago
2 Days WINS hands down...
...such a level of photorealism is just uncanny in a sandbox game. Devs
strive to generate such quality of visuals. GTA has always been
restricted to generate a FPS or Adventure gamelike visuals because of
its being a streaming-sandbox title. No doubt GTA is one of the most
featuristic games out there, but the visual restriction is,
unfortunately, a reality. Watching 2 Days 2 Vegas in such quality is
a sight to behold...if that's ingame, then they've already reached
where even Rockstar haven't yet. 2 Days 2 Vegas also reaffirms that
GETAWAY for PS3 might just be a reality...approaching CG quality in a
sandbox title !!!
ShiftyLookingCow  +   3043d ago
btw you do know 2 days is coming to 360 right, ask deep
MK_Red  +   3043d ago
A problem with modern sandbox games is that they try too hard to be and surpass GTA. They should stop that and try to be creative while keeping their games quality close to GTA. Thats why a game like Assassins Creed is so promising. I hope 2 Days 2 Vegas developers are also trying something new.
freeza  +   3043d ago
this is a bad comparison 2days kills gta
warfed  +   3043d ago
2 days looks better... but it has way to many riced out cars...
PhinneousD  +   3043d ago
well, they both have different art directions and both look pretty good. But all I have to say is 2 Days is stealing a lot of GTAs thunder.
dork0783  +   3043d ago
Lord Anubis  +   3043d ago
where's the: 2days 2 vegas vs GTA 4 vs the Getaway!
Dlacy13g  +   3043d ago
2 Days...in game?
I have no idea if this is in game shots so I wanted to pose the question? Is it using in game assets like the GTA screens or is it representative video of how the game "should" look? I just know a lot of games seem to be pulling that trick of late.
Dr Pepper  +   3043d ago
I like GTA IV more. Both look great, but I would have to agree with others who are saying 2 Days looks too clean to be realistic. I also like the variation in colors/tones in GTA, while 2 Days seems to have one single color theme.
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