PSN Is Above And Beyond Xbox Lives Community

Playstation 3 allows for a much bigger community for online gaming which can change the fun, and overall different experience you can have online because of the diversity of people you encounter. Xbox Live does a good job but Sony has done a great job, find out more below.

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Saaking3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Yes it is. A more mature audience, dedicated servers, MUCH bigger online games, and best of all it's.....FREE!

Cyrax_873304d ago

He's an expert at making titles, I get sucked in, then see his pic and I'm like "oh..."

Strange_Evil3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Another Day, another flaimbait video with a catchy headline. All N4G users will bi*ch about this (some even threaten to kill him lol) till the thread reaches 1000 degrees and in the end HHG will have the last laugh...

The funny thing is the fact that most articles here take an eternity to get approved, but apparently this one takes just 5 min.. Boy he uses his alternate accounts fast.

crck3304d ago

The formula he uses to get clicks is simple. Mention a Playstation product or service and include a Xbox product or service in the same title. The sad thing is, the fanboys fall for it every frickin' time.

Its a shame that dozens of well-written, thought provoking articles are ignored on a daily basis at N4G. While this barely comprehensible clown gets clicks by using the same tired flame bait titles to get attention.

Zedux3304d ago

hitbuster hahahah!! great job HHG you definitely know how to get your site moving!

XxZxX3304d ago

oohh dear where we go again

Alvadr3304d ago

PSN gamers generally seem to be much more mature.

When I first got my 360 I used my months gold subscription and played games like Halo3 and GTAIV online. Was just full of little kids, their voices hadnt even broke yet but they would use the worst language. - dont want to spend my evenings listening to that.

Dont get me wrong, the PSN has its morons, but iv never come accross anything like that.

Vecta3304d ago

This has to be a joke, playing Uncharted 2 MP on my PS3 and CODMW2 MP on my Xbox I see no difference at all in maturity levels of people.

nix3304d ago

... and it's not even Sunday today.

DelbertGrady3304d ago

Notice how he holds up the PS3 version ;) Very sophisticated young fellow indeed.

jhooty143304d ago

lol i watched a commercial for that

REALgamer3304d ago

Not the service.

I have a great time in Halo 3. I have a great time in Resistance 2.

Pretending somehow the owners of PS3 or 360 are a better community than the other is stupid. Both have pretty much identical target audiences. The only real difference is Xbox Live tends to more focused on a unified system (eg: party chat and moving with the same group of people between games), while PSN more more focused on a set of community features for each game (such as from K2's menu).

Whichever style you prefer is your choice, both have their great features and both have room for improvements.

mikeslemonade3304d ago

Resistance, Warhawk, and Uncharted has no lag. To play a game lag-free beats any service, and they do lag-free for free. Modern Warfare 2 is laggy. The only reason why i don't have a 3:1 kill death ratio is the lag.

Immortal Kaim3304d ago

You have to give HHG credit, his 'articles' may be poorly written, and his video's are often excruciating to watch, but he sure knows how to bait the N4G community (kind of ironic I'm adding to the heat) :)

p.s If the maturity of the fanboys on N4G is any indication, I think we all know that both services support a large number of unintelligent, xenophobic morons.

Guido3304d ago

I had both and still have a gold account through Live (although I have not paid for it in nearly two years)... And can safely say that I have gathered a more diverse and mature friends list on the PSN than I ever did on Live. Too many idiots and 12 year old kids on Live playing games running around calling people noobs and saying "pwned"... Sorry, but I prefer to talk mature like with adults than getting called names after putting a hurting on some kiddies.

StanLee3304d ago

This must be some kind of joke. Right? O_o

PopEmUp3304d ago

another HHG flame bait nonsense

terrorofdeath3304d ago

LOL was thinking exactly the same thing!

ukilnme3304d ago

@ Immortal Kaim

Could not agree more.

Shepherd 2143304d ago

PSN a better community? Sure! If you can find enough people with a third party mic that is.

I dont know about you guys, but i would much rather play with people that arent pixel counters or 30 year olds that still play games on PSN when they should be doing something for their wife. I cant even imagine enjoying MW2 multiplayer with one of the bastards on this retarded website that bash MW2 for having a 600p resolution, and you'll find most of those people on PSN, not XBL. XBL is full of fun people, N4G has made PSN look like its full of non-talkers and tech people who cant have fun if the native resolution isnt at least 720p

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Saaking3304d ago

You bots keep telling yourselves XBL is better. One day, you won't be so deluded...hopefully.

ssipmraw3304d ago

i beleive consoles show a persons, true side,
the ps3 has many mature gamers whom like to often complement eachother with the occasional minor whom has adhd and cant seem to control what he has to say

on the other hand the 360 is full of minmors shouting eachother as being the N word while also shouting every swear word knownn to man, and is also the only console to have been featured on the news becase if this

4point7BillionLoss3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

and then he says one thing and you're all overhim like he's the second coming of the CELL ..

PSN is crap.
Home is Crap

Droids ... are crap !!

Play Behind !!!

Oh, and check out the MATURE PS3 gaymer on PS3 .... HAHAHHAHAHAHA

AliTheBrit193304d ago

You seem to enjoy XBL

I mean you're on it all the time

Playing Halo 3...Halo Wars..ODST

You're a regular Halo fanboy :)

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ultimolu3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

....*falls over laughing* HHG...just lol.
I knew someone was just going to combat that article.

And seriously, Lives? Shouldn't it be Live's?

HDgamer3304d ago

Well it's obvious. Why does Live have ads if you pay for it?

wicked3304d ago

Must be a USA thing, don't get ads in the UK

kewlkat0073304d ago

Well I pay my monthly CABLE BILL and I'm sure I'm not the only one that sees COMMERCIALS.....

Ryo-Hazuki3303d ago

For the last time, your cable provider does NOT control the commercials. You pay your cable provider to provide you cable, thats it. The TV networks are the ones who control and run the commercials. And obviously, you are not paying the TV networks. So your argument fails.

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phantomexe3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I love the ps3 but someone needs to tell him home is a joke.You ever look at peoples profiles on home almost no ones above a lev 5 in tropies no one.They have no tropys at all which tells me that really they don't play games on the ps3 very often.There are very few gamers that check out home.I'll get on ,check peoples profiles and look at the new areas then get off thinking what the hell does this have to do with my gaming exp.What you get on home is a bunch of little boys trying to get hooked up with a girl,it's messed up. There little to no gamers on there and that's a fact.

ZombieAutopsy3304d ago

"'ll get on ,check peoples profiles and look at the new areas then get off thinking what the hell does this have to do with my gaming exp."

Same here, the only time i spent more then 10 mins on home was when watching E3 and playing poker, its a good investment for sony though because (stupid) people will buy the home spaces/clothes/accesories/etc but i just cant get into it but im not a social networking type of guy.

Alvadr3304d ago

Thats social networking for you.

Im sick of updating home every time I want to log in.. Once they finally make it a much more cohesive experience they should create elite lounges for gamers who can only get in with lvl10 in trophies etc. That would be better

D4RkNIKON3304d ago

That is a great idea, Home does need to play off the trophy system more. Like home items unlocked from trophies, a 3d trophy room (like were supposed to have) and as you mentioned home areas that are restricted for people with certain amount of trophies. Give me a reason to collect them and I will, without one I don't see much point but to brag. It seems like special items would be better to brag with.

TheBest3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I respect you. I'm going to leave it at that.