Modern Warfare Could Become a Movie Title

After what Modern Warfare managed to do in just five days, generate $550, that is, it's no wonder that Activision gathered all its people, put them in a room and told them to think of absolutely anything and then add "Modern Warfare" to its name. It seems like one of the things to expand the franchise will be a movie based on Infinity Ward's title, and the leak is brought to us once again by the public-friendly voice actors. After the man that gave life to Ghost in MW2 unveiled that a spin-off based on his character was just around the corner, the voice actor of Soap MacTavish announced the movie project.

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lord_of_balrogs3308d ago

Lets hope not. I love the gameplay and the missions. The campaign was a blast to play through. But lets face it the story was full of plot holes and was mind-boggling

Chancz3308d ago

And also to add, there haven't been many games that have been very successful when translated onto the big screen.

GamerSciz3308d ago

The only thing that could make this idea even worse is to let Uwe Boll direct it.

mr mintleaf3307d ago

it's franchise milking time!

SoapShoes3307d ago

Not good enough of a game to deserve it. Not to mention the story in Modern Warfare isn't good. Who wants to watch a movie about a modern war anyway? I can so an overly glamorized WW2 movie, but not of a fake modern one with no element of history in it.

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