Game Revolution: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

Game Revolution writes: "If you're as old as I am, chances are one of your fondest gaming memories is probably receiving a brand-spanking new top-of-line, high-tech 8-bit NES one Christmas morning long, long ago (I know, I'm dating myself here). And back in the old days of walking uphill both ways, in the snow, naked and being chased by rabid dogs, bubblegum was a nickel and consoles actually came with games, but back then we called them "cartridges". The NES pre-packed experience was something involving the relentless murder of ducks and a little game known as Super Mario Bros. It is my theory that every Mario game since then has been a thinly veiled attempt to recapture the essence of that overwhelming thrill and excitement."

+ It's-a me, Mario!
- ...I'm-a just not as much-a fun
+ Penguin suits that shoot ice balls
+ Some good twists on traditional platforming
- Some bad ones too
- Multiplayer not developed properly

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