Only 3 Percent of Modern Warfare 2's Buyers Were PC Gamers

Thirteen days have passed since Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was launched, and the game keeps making the headlines.

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lord_of_balrogs3311d ago

I'm not suprised with the boycott and all. However, I'm sure the PC version sold well enough but is overshadowed by how many console versions were sold. The leaderboard for MW2 on live is past the 4.5 million users mark already.

The Meerkat3311d ago

Its insane.

I have a k/d ratio of 1.8.
I have played an average of 2-3 hours a day.

and i'm ranked 1.3 million.

TheForgotten0ne3311d ago

2-3 hours a day isn't actually much though. Most people thats over you probably have around 5 hours each day. Just to point that out :P

Nihilism3311d ago

Cue idiots saying "pc gaming is dying", bioshock sold more than half it's total sales on pc, and that's just at retail, with DD it is even higher.

I'm glad activision didn't get away with screwing people over as much as they would like, but they make so much money I doubt they'll care.

masterg3311d ago


PC gaming as we know is dying.
Games like WOW will survice but when a FPS like MW2 only sells 3% its real bad.
Sure that might be good enough to make a profit when a games sells 10 + million. That would be 300k sold on PC. But with normal games that sell 1-2 million it will be a loosing business. That would be 30-60k.

The fact that 10 times that amount are pirating and leeching their servers makes it even worse.

Nihilism3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

And where will you shove your idiotic ideas when starcraft 2 and diablo 3 sell 12 million retail copies each????

there are a lot more pc games than any other platform, there are also a lot more million sellers on pc. I only game on pc and i've never even touched an MMO, I also have no intention of doing so. You'll be lucky if there's another console in the next 5 years, but pc will keep on steam rolling through. We have to innovate after console can get some decent hand-me-downs

the sales of mw2 are not indicative of pc sales in general, mass effect sold more on pc than it did on 360. The same is true of a lot of bioshock.

Guido3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Maybe Activision will be smart next time and not bother with a poor PC port. That way they can put the effort and money into the console versions and make them even better than they already are.

STK0263311d ago

I was wondering, did they count Steam sales or only retail? As it would seem many sales stats do not include DD, which is pretty lame as DD most likely outsells retail for many PC games.

led10903311d ago


See buddy i game only on the pc and am very happy to see you holding fort for the pc in so many discussions on this site, but its one thing to argue logically, and another to make outrageous claims about PC sales. First of all Mass effect did NOT sell more on PC. I mean bioware did say that it did extremely well on the pc but the 360 version sold more than 2 million copies and i do not think the pc version topped that. And bioshock sold arnd 600-700 copies on PC compared to arnd 1.3 million on the 360. Not to burst your bubble or something, but facts are facts.
On a different note the Pc as a gaming platform is far from dead. Just cheak the dragon age pc boards they have more activity than the 360 boards for MW2. Although that does not mean its sales are anywhere close to those of MW2, but still i am pretty certain that it has sold extremely well on the Pc compared to the consoles. Also Borderlands is still selling extremely well on steam. And those 3% sales this site is talking about are just the Uk numbers. When initial reports came in about the game selling arnd 7 million the pc version had sold 12% globally. And these are just the retail numbers. I'm guessing 800,000 to 1 million copies easily if you include the steam numbers, which is not bad in my book

Ocelot5253311d ago

"there are a lot more pc games than any other platform" if you only count decent games the consoles win hands down.
but maybe you're right if you count ALL games: prison tycoon,hellgate london,freddie fish #

Nihilism3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )


The Xbox 360 version was the third best-selling game of August 2007, with 490,900 copies.[131] The Wall Street Journal reported that shares in Take-Two "soared nearly 20%" in the week following overwhelmingly favorable early reviews of the game.[132] Take-Two announced that, as of June 5, 2008, over 2.2 million copies of BioShock have been shipped.[133] In a June 10, 2008 interview, Roy Taylor, Nvidia's VP of Content Business Development, stated that the PC version has sold over one million copies.[134]"

from wikipedia, pc has more than 50% of the toal bioshock sales for the 3 platforms as of now, and like i said, the above figure is retail sales, not including DD, you're wrong

"Not to burst your bubble or something, but facts are facts. "

toaster3311d ago

PC gaming is not dead. It will never be. For every 5 "must play" console games there will be one super ultra mega PC game that would make console players drool. Examples would be D3 and SC2, HL3, and Crysis2. I mainly game on PC and 90% of my friends game on PC. Not one of them pirates. Pirating isn't that bad in countries like US and England, but when you get into third world countries where people live off of $5 a week you will see a tremendous amount of pirated and copied games. That's why publishers don't sell official games in those countries, its because they know they wont get any sales.

Console fanboys just don't want to face the fact that PC is superior in every way and that they will have to suffice with their sub HD resolutions.

STK0263311d ago

Hmm, I'd say that when it comes to decent to great games only, the PC isn't so far away from consoles.

In the last few years (since I can'T bother to go and make sure they were all released in the last year), the PC had Empire:Total War, Crysis Warhead, Sins of a solar empire, Tropico3, PlantsVSZombies, Torchlight, Dawn of War2, the witcher and Stalker CS, and those are PC exclusives, as the PC has many multiplatform games, but doesn't share as many as the PS3 and 360 though.

Of course, if you combine the PS3 and the X360, they have much more exclusives than the Pc has, but taken separately, the PC can hold its own in my opinion. I'd say that the best is to have a console and a PC, since MMOs and RTSs, among other game genres, are pretty much only to be found on PC (don't bother telling me about the RTS games on the X360).

Nihilism3311d ago

PC has more exclusives every year than all platforms combined, including handhelds.

That is a fact....I think the fact that there are 100's of millions of pc's may have something to do with it...

Guido3311d ago

They are truly better in every way but one... Price. The console market is far more accessible than the PC market and in the end, that is what big companies see. PC people buy less games and pirate far more than anybody else. That hurts companies and in the end, the PC community will eventually kill itself in terms of gaming. Sure it will be around but PC gaming is nothing like it used to be years ago when the best of the best was on PC and the poor ports were on the consoles.

evrfighter3311d ago

great news for the people that won't stand for IW's BS.

led10903311d ago


Ohk i didn't know about that. I just remember the interview by some bioshock dev one month after the release saying the pc version had just 25% of the sales. I guess i just underestimated the longevity of pc games. But still the 360 version sold 497,000 copies in august alone. Surely it must have sold well over a million by the time the pc version crossed the million mark a year after its release. Guess you weren't talking out of your a$$. Guess i was :p. No hard feelings i hope

Alvadr3310d ago

PC fanboyism is my favorite kind

reneki3310d ago

PC gaming will never die, not when shooters and every version of multiplat games are superior on PC. Who seriously wants to play a shooter on console with a joystick? MOUSE+binds+macros+vent+alt tab > jostick

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iistuii3311d ago

I have a custom built top end pc and the last game i actually played on it was Crysis Warhead, oh and the kids play Sims 3. The pc has now been swamped with poor ports of console games. I now play all my games on 360 & PS3 but still hold out hope that a class graphical game like Crysis appears again for us pc gamers. i wont hold my breath though.

raztad3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I'm not a PC fan but what do you mean by "poor" ports? So far all multiplat games look/run better on a good enough PC, and many of the upcoming xbox "exclusives" are on PC. Unless BioWare (ME2) or Ubisoft (SC:C) make a very bad job the pc version will be better.

Regarding MW2. The PC version is seriously crippled by PC standards but it's up to the console versions and boasting, obviously, better visuals.

bigrudowsky3311d ago

The ports are done successfully, the problem is that very few games take advantage of the best pc hardware for the most part you just play on higher res there isnt that big of a difference unless you look at games like crysis its been a while since weve seen a game that looks as good on pc.

PS360PCROCKS3311d ago

"The ports are done successfully, the problem is that very few games take advantage of the best pc hardware"

who cares?! Quit your whining!! Your games are only $50 outside of MW2

bigrudowsky3311d ago

Who's whining im simply stating a fact... The only thing i play on pc are rts games so so i dont consider myself an advocate for pc gaming however very few games take advantage of the hardware.

STK0263311d ago

PC has had many good ports, after playing DMC4 on all 3 platforms, the PC version is the superior one (I played it with my X360 controller, not K/M though).

But I think the PC should be seen in the same way we see consoles, it has multiplatform games, from which we probably should not expect to much more than the console version, MW2 on PC is still the better version, it's just not on par with what we usually have in pc games.

The one thing people seem to forget is that the PC, just like any console, also has exclusive games, will you play StarCraft 2 on your X360? Have you seen any announcement for Diablo 3 on PS3? Will you buy CnC4 on the Wii? Torchlight is a PC exclusive, Civilization is better played on PC (4 is miles ahead of Revolution), Valve games sell better and play better on PC, expect RAGE to also be better on PC, RTS are ALWAYS better on PC.

Vip3r3311d ago

MW2 on the PC was actually a 360 port. It was discovered in the console hack/discovery a week or so back.

Nihilism3311d ago

I don't know what we're discussing here, even a straight port is still better on pc because you can force higher levels of aa, af, ambient occlusion, v-sync, and in a lot of cases, mod the draw distances and texture res.

All multiplats are automatically better on pc because of what pc hardware can do.

Not only does farcry 2 look so good on pc, it's like a completely different game ( as is said about all multiplats ), but you can, like I said above, increase the draw distances etc.

toaster3311d ago

Anyone who says multiplats are worse on PC must be joking.

Consoles are limited by their hardware. Which is old compared to what new PCs can produce. PCs will keep on evolving and leaving the consoles in the dust. Almost every single multiplat on PC is better. There are a few crappy ones like GTAIV but the game just sucked in general. Bioshock, Team Fortress 2, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Half Life 2, those are just some of the many multiplats that are better on PC.

aGameDeveloper3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

There are at least a couple things that can contribute to a poor PC port of a console-focused game, so a universal "PC is ALWAYS better" mantra is not true. Both of these can be addressed by adequate effort from the game developer, but low PC sales may not justify that effort for all titles:

1. Control Scheme: If the controls and game balance are tuned for the console joypad, but little attention is paid to modifying both for mouse and keyboard, both can feel wrong for the PC. For example, the lack of rapid camera movement (balanced by the ability to move at a precise speed) can increase the tension in a horror game, whereas mouse control can remove that suspense and make the game too easy. Artificial limits can address this, but that may actually just frustrate the PC gamer. The ultimate example of this mismatch is probably the use of WASD for driving games. Sure, the PC gamer can buy additional peripherals (wheel, gamepad) to address these issues, but that means the developer has to support those peripherals, it increases the cost of PC gaming, and many PC gamers won't bother with them, anyway (they will simply buy all their racing games for console, saving the PC for genres where it makes more sense).

2. Hardware Support: If your graphics hardware is not well supported, what does it matter if you can run at high resolution and AA if the game crashes all the time? Or if your expensive racing wheel is not even supported?

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ReBurn3311d ago

Only 3% of buyers were on PC. I wonder what the percentage of players is on PC?

masterg3311d ago

Probably 40%
Would be real interesting to know.

raWfodog3311d ago

this just proved to IW and Activison that while PC gamers dollars would have been appreciated, they weren't necessary for the game to be a financial success. This might only further their resolve to screw more gamers out of standard tools and resources.

I don't game on PC's but I still got love for my community as a whole.

MajestieBeast3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Games like borderlands and dragon age are still best on pc and i think the lackluster sales on pc is mostly cause pc gamers actually dont buy mediocre overpriced products. If you keep updating your rig its not that pricy and worth it i love my ps3 but nothing beats pc gaming.

Cosquae3311d ago

Agree entirely.

I think at launch it was one of, if not the most expensive PC game released. The supermarkets who had heavily discounted copies of MW2 only tended to discount PS3/Xbox versions, meaning for the first time I can remember, a console version of a game cost less to buy new than a PC version of the game.

Plus the PC version offered little above what the console versions had.

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