There will be surprises at the Spike VGAs

Geoff Keighley promises that there will be surprises at the actual VGAs even though premier announcements have already been made.

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Valay3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Even with the surprises at the show, I'm keeping my expectations low for now. Lately I haven't been blown away by any surprises that were supposed to be real surprises! For now I'll just remain (very cautiously) optimistic.

skewit3282d ago

there'll be surprises. Like stealing Uncharted 2's crown and giving it to Halo 3: ODST.

Madusha3282d ago

Lol yeah, like the Mass Effect 2 'surprise'. Ended up being a lame website re-design that no one cared about.

Let's VGA can give us something that's actually exciting.

ThanatosDMC3282d ago

GOTY will be multiplats and U2 wont get what it deserves.

Saaking3282d ago

I know you won't believe me, but the thing I'm looking forward to the most is the Halo Reach debut.

sabestar3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Well, let's face it, it definitely is better than Tron or the mystery Dubai game (they just had to ruin a beautiful city with all that brown colour). I am actually excited to see a Halo game utilizing a new engine, wanna see how it'll look and play.

boodybandit3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

will top the surprise of Killzone 2 not being nominated for GOTY over L4D2. Sorry but shock value of that can't be topped.

Sunny_D3282d ago

^ um That's not at the VGA's dude.

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swiftshot933282d ago

Something from Rockstar PLEASE!

foxtheory3282d ago

is for the announcements/teasers. Other than that, it's just a barrage of advertisments and biased awards.

These announcements better be as good as they're hyping them up to be. I don't wanna sit through this sh*tstorm for nothing...

MajesticBeast3282d ago

I just saw that tron trailer if all the teasers are gonna be like that its gonna be underwhelming especially if Sony doesnt show something cause last year they pretty much stole the show with gow3 and uncharted 2. I seriously hope to hear something from insomniac new Ip or something or maybe rockstar with Agent. Its pretty funny how Sony their best for 2009 are all exclusives even though they couldve added Demons souls to that mix cause every game on the list deserves the award for best ps3 game.

Digitaldude3282d ago

100bucks says GOTY will go to a multi plat.

HDgamer3282d ago

You won't be lying, it will be CasualWarfare 2. This game is too easy even on Veteran.

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The story is too old to be commented.