Diablo III Burns its Trees

BeefJack writes: "The interweb is all atwitter after a tweet from Blizzard has revealed that Diablo III's designers are in the process of doing away with skill trees.

Diablo: The skill system revision is in full force. Trees begone! I think it might be a winner. Jay says hi.

Recent publicly shown builds of the game featured a skill tree system almost identical to that found in World of Warcraft, which seemed logical. Blizzard has spent the better part of ten years refining the skill tree, and it's become a cornerstone in their RPGs."

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LeCocky3310d ago

Auto stats and now this? Oh, this is really fun, take away what worked instead of adding more stuff to work with it.

Torchlight is more then enough for me.

Saaking3310d ago

Torchlight is awesome! I tried the demo and I was really surprised. Definitely a good game to hold you over till Diablo III finally comes.

Grandreaper99993310d ago

I REALLY hope they aren't going to make you do quest after quest after quest for your skills... Or, similarly WORSE, TRAINERS. F*CK.

Buuuuuut, this could also mean something good. Diablo (original) did NOT have skill trees, it had spells that any class could learn given they had the stats for it, and then there was 1 class-specific ability for each class. Warrior had Repair, Rogue had Trap Disarm, and the Mage had Staff Recharge..

I'm not sure what they're trying to do, but I'm really hoping for no more mindless questing to get xp, gear and skills.. Call me silly, but that feels like a really poor design choice. It's like having the TV babysit your kid or something. It just seems lazy to send players off on countless, trivial quests for an entire game.

I trust that they'll do something cool with it though, I don't think they'd make a decision like axing skill trees without some breakthrough behind it.

Nihilism3310d ago

This could be a good thing. It will just mean your not as limited in what skills you choose, for example, having to waste points to meet pre-requisites to get the better skills of a tree