Mass Effect 2 Surprise Revealed

Incgamers writes:

That's right - the teased "coming surprise" has turned out to be a website redesign, going by the status on the official Mass Effect 2 Facebook page.

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TrevorPhillips3308d ago

Nice looking forward to see the website.

NewZealander3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

its funny considering everyone thought it was going to be an announcement for a ps3 version.

Madusha3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

"BioWare has revealed that the Mass Effect 2 surprise is a website redesign."

What?? That's it... we waited on the edge of our seats for a website redesign...? :S

I was expecting some new feature or something like that. Let's hope it at least looks good.

Saaking3308d ago

wtf!? HUGE disappointment. I expected MUCH more.

kaveti66163308d ago

A f*#@ing facebook? F*#@ing bulls*@#!!!

ThanatosDMC3308d ago

I hope they fix the cover system and the AI rushing. First one's story and everything else was great.

hobokiller3308d ago

Lol, Bioware just messing with the fans. Still gonna buy this game though.

sabestar3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Oh my God, I actually guessed what the surprise was( I got it by luck and was basically joking about it. Very disappointed.

Shotgun_Roamer3308d ago

You can hardly contain your excitment

MGSR THE HD VERSION3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

lolz, people talking to me about a failure rate...... ps3 gamer's predictions have a 80% failure rate.

ps3 gamer-"FF13 isn't coming to 360"

ps3 gamer- "tekken 6 isn't coming to 360"

ps3 gamer- "alan wake will never wake up"

ps3 gamer- "360 will be dead by 2009"

ps3 gamer- "konami isn't making any mgs game for 360"

ps3 gamer- "sony will never make a service that charges you"

ps3 gamer- "gears of war will come to ps3"

ps3 gamer- "left four dead will come to ps3"

ps3 gamer- "left four dead2 will come to ps3"

ps3 gamer- "killzone 2 will kill halo3"

ps3 gamer- "R2 will take out Gears2"

ps3 gamer- "2007, mass effect will come to ps3, 2008 mass effect will come to ps3, 2009 mass effect will come to ps3"

ps3 gamer- " mass effect2 will come to ps3"


Saaking3308d ago

Other than a few jokes and sarcastic comments NOBODY said it was gonna be a PS3 announcement. You guys are just making fools of yourselves.

Guido3308d ago

"Don't for get to drink your ovaltine? Son of a b*tch!"

pixelsword3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Or at least reveal the organic origin of the robotic scourge infecting the galaxy.



Lifendz3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

A huge annoucnement would be "Mass Effect 2 planned to have 10 DLC packs with over 200 hours of new gameplay" or, obviously, "Mass Effect 2 is going multi-platform."

Ah well. Can't fault them for trying to get pub.

@all the 360 fanboys laughing at the people that thought it was coming to PS3. Now you know how PS3 owners felt when 360 people were swearing that MGS4 was going to be annoucned for 360. Seemed like every E3 event for 3 years straight had predictions of MGS4 on 360. Difference here is that the gaming media isn't giving fuel to any rumors of Mass Effect on PS3. Maybe because they're still embarrassed over swearing MGS4 would be on 360 by now.

Maticus3308d ago

They just want another smash hit site like the Dragon Age one... good on 'em.

lightningsax3308d ago

Seriously! Saaking has it right - we weren't thinking it was a PS3 announcement. It would be nice if it came to PS3, but that's not the only way to play this game. Many of us have PC's, and we'll be enjoying a game that 360 fans seem to perceive as Xbox360-exclusive right alongside them. Possibly on a Sony Vaio. Why not? They're pretty good machines.

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GiantEnemyCrab3308d ago


Great news and definitely worthy of teasing fans over.

And here I was thinking it was DLC or something but a website redesign. very cool..

okay, I can't fake it any longer.. lame thing to tease fans about.

mastiffchild3308d ago

DAmn right Crabs. What a load of balls that was!I was hopng for a reveal of some cool new feature for the new game and teasing something this banal is just crappy. They need to make it up to me after selling me the worst DLC ever(outside of RE5 Bs content-I mean did anyone seriously think those controls were made for any kind of MP? For Resi SP I like them, no problems, but for chasing and sooting avtual people? No, just no)and this kind of silliness does NOT help.

Also, I can't recall anyone seriously suggesting they thought it would be a PS3 ME announcement-why would they have thought that? I seriously thought it would be something amazing you would be doing in the next game but a website redo? Lame.

TrevorPhillips3308d ago

I too was expecting DLC or something but didn't know it would be a website.

Omega Zues3308d ago

>.> about a big....never mind.