Nintendo considered releasing an "enhanced version" of New Super Mario Bros.

NE: While New Super Mario Bros. received universal praise in 2005, there was a general feeling that the game was on the easy side. Nintendo was aware that the game wasn't entirely challenging, however.

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Valay3160d ago

Even though I have New Super Mario Bros., I would definitely make another purchase if the enhanced version were to be more challenging/had a few extras.

Madusha3160d ago

Another one? It will really need something big in it to get my money.

MajesticBeast3160d ago

Make it 10bucks or 20 and ill buy it else they can shove this rehash up their @ss fast.

cmacdonald3160d ago

They really have nothing left in the think tank. When's the last new IP they made?

ThaOutKast3160d ago

Disaster: Day of Crisis.

ThaOutKast3160d ago

Should consider releasing an enhanced version of Donkey Kong Country, like "New Donkey Kong Country".

MajesticBeast3160d ago

Release a dk collection with better gfx or something like Sony did with gow and i would buy it.

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