Miyamoto explains the difference between games with long/short-term sales

NE: This is yet another snippet from the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Iwata Asks interview…

"I think a game has to become just like a trusty tool that people get used to using and always have to hand. Also, it needs to have those elements that people can discover every time and want to tell other people about…

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Valay3304d ago

Nintendo franchises have always performed very well in the market. Metroid is the only series I can think of right now that doesn't usually have long legs (compared to Mario and Zelda).

gumgum993304d ago

Miyamoto-san speaks much truth in the lasting impact of a game. II can especially agree with the atmosphere, or the "smell" of a game as that usually is one of the things that makes me go back to a game after so long.