Iwata, Miyamoto on the origins of Mario's overalls, mushrooms

Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto discuss how Mario's overalls and the mushrooms in Mario games came to be.

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Valay3279d ago

That whole Iwata Asks interview was really interesting, not just the mushrooms/overalls part. It provides a lot of insight into Mario games in general!

Madusha3279d ago

Very interesting interview :D The history of Mario uncovered.

Shotgun_Roamer3279d ago

agreed, i thoroughly enjoyed his interview, the guy had just the right questions

Shnazzyone3279d ago

they still don't explain why they chose a mushroom... they totally dodged the question!!!! they explained how the first part of SMB was designed but not why a mushroom was the chosen symbol of growth. Which leads me to continue to assume it is somehow drug related.

Sunny_D3279d ago

Probably because Miyamoto doesn't want to admit he was on shrooms back in the day. He might still be on them to this day. Lol.

ZombieAutopsy3279d ago

agree with suunny, Nintendo has to seem family friendly so they dont want to admit to dabbling with shrooms...but i'll admit it.

SactoGamer3279d ago

the natural way of gaming? really?

tweet753279d ago

almost every action game in existence since than has borrowed some ideas from mario games in some way.

ElBlank1to3278d ago

I think, thats why you get Bigger (high) and break thru the ceilings and do all of the amzing things mario do while he is big (high) and when he stomp and touch a baddy gets downgraded (not high anymore) and the like...

but men, i think they just got high and start talking about it and LOL everywhere, LOL