Mass Effect 2 PC Specs Revealed With DRM

Planning to purchase Mass Effect 2 for the PC? If you are, then you'll want to take a gander at the specs the game will require for you to engage yourself in the galactic journey.

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Zedux3310d ago

I'll definitely be playing this for PC!

GamerPS3603310d ago

very Nice,

I hate securom. Now, I will be buying PC version over 360.

XDF3310d ago

OS = Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7


GamerPS3603310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

you r welcome (I am assuming that you are shareholder) but I play games that I like :D
PC is my preference and PS3/360 for exclusives.
Anyway, thanks for quality games.

nevimkdojsem23310d ago

How exactly would I support MS by playing games on PC? I already have the Windows OS and MS doesn't get any royalties for PC games.

Nihilism3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

THEY LISTENED TO US!! *punches the air*, Thankyou bioware, 2 amazing games in the space of a few months, and both of them DRM free, seriously DRM is killing pc gaming, bioware are doing us proud

EDIT: recommended spec are much lower than dragon age, that coupled with the optimisations should mean this game runs amazing...seriosuly though I get the same frame rate in ME1 as I do in crysis maxed...there is something very wrong with that game


PC is not a microsoft platform, the only money MS gets from me is a new os every couple of years, they don't get a cent from the games or apps or hardware...that's why pc games are so much cheaper, they're ass tax free

Guido3310d ago

Less screen tearing and better control. ME was a great PC game and this will be even better.

IdleLeeSiuLung3310d ago

"How exactly would I support MS by playing games on PC? I already have the Windows OS and MS doesn't get any royalties for PC games." -nevimkdojsem2

You are supporting the platform by helping strengthening the lead for PC as the computer platforms for games as opposed to Linux or Mac. You are also telling publishers that Windows is a worthwhile platform to continue investing into the PC games.

In both cases MS benefits! I don't know why that would matter, unless one is fanboy.

Nihilism3310d ago

"strengthening the lead for PC"

MS has had a monoppoly on the OS market for 20 years, it's never going to change either, but buying their OS's doesn't increase any lead, I replace my old MS OS with a new one, it's not like i'm converting mac users...

Like I said, no game or hardware purchases go to MS, i have bought probably $500 of games and hardware in the last 3 months. Guess how much of that MS got. $0

Saaking3310d ago

lol at the 360 fanboys trying to spin stuff. 360/PC =/= exclusive.

IdleLeeSiuLung3310d ago

Sure, MS didn't get any money for it, but as Bill Gates once said along the lines of: if you were to pirate software, we would rather the pirates pirate our software.

One of the ways MS managed to get to the dominant position!

Basically you are contributing to a healthy environment for PC games on Windows. If more people would start to use Linux or Macs, we might see more games on those platforms.

Budg3tG4m3r3310d ago

nevimkdojsem2 you bought the PC didn't you? the price of the PC included the price of Windows... so yeah you bought Windows.

nevimkdojsem23310d ago

Yes but I didn't buy my PC because of this game or any other. MS loses because I won't buy the game for xbox 360 - this means no royalties and no 250 euro for xbox spent. Moreover I didn't pay anyting for Windows - as a computer science student I have all MS software for free (MSDNAA). If I wouldn't have it for free I would steal it helping to provide healthy environment in operating system market. :-D

@IdleLeeSiuLung: I'm not a fanboy, I'm merely a MS-hater.

f7897903309d ago

Any protection will be broken so why not make it nice for the real consumers?

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BYE3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I was way over system recommendations with Mass Effect and the game still had hickups.

Hopefully they get the programming right this time...

Tiberium3309d ago

Same here. Except I couldn't even play it because the securom screwed up the installation. I'm glad they got it right this time.

champ213310d ago

cant wait for this game.. will rock on my pc.

crck3310d ago

These recommended specs are nothing compared to what Dragon Age needed. Wonder why they are so different.

jkhan3310d ago

I guess it has more to do with the optimization of game engine. UE3 games are not that resource heavy as seen in the past & they can scale well on different computers. But ME2 looks really really good. Can't wait to play it on my pc.

TheIneffableBob3310d ago

Dragon Age uses the Eclipse engine while Mass Effect 2 uses Unreal Engine 3.

Kleptic3309d ago

yeah its because of engine dating back to 2006...

but thats not all of it...the first round of UE3 games where WAY under optimized...ME1 for example was a dog on even powerful PC's at the time...yet boasted visuals no better than Gears of War or any other 'decent' looking UE3 game...

when you can nearly max out Crysis...and have the same PC hiccup on ME1...Developers: you're doing it wrong...especially considering CryEngine 2.0 was far from a good example of a heavily optimized engine...and there was NO question that CE2 was far more advanced than UE3...but hopefully the updates to UE3, and more time to optimize the engine, will go a long way to make it run much better...I still hate UE3 though...

chak_3310d ago

PC purchase incoming =)

can't wait

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