The Witcher Q&A - Making a Fantasy RPG for Grown-Ups, New Screens Included

Slaying monsters is pretty straightforward in a lot of role-playing games. You play as the good guy, and the monsters are usually completely evil. That's certainly not the case in The Witcher. In this upcoming single-player role-playing game based on the works of Polish fantasy novelist Andrzej Sapkowski, you'll play as the antihero Geralt of Rivia, a magically mutated assassin trained from birth to hunt down and slay monsters in a medieval fantasy world where there are no black-and-white decisions. Polish developer CD Projekt hopes to capture the moral ambiguity of Geralt and his world in the game, which will have you making a myriad of tough decisions that will affect the story. To learn more about the game, which is due out in September, we turned to Michal Madej, chief designer of The Witcher.

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id dot entity4213d ago

I am following this game from the start and I have to say that this is one of the most interesting RPG's I have ever seen. Can't wait to play it.

Silver3604213d ago

That is very sweet seeing what past decision caused the present dilemma you find your self in. Graphics look good also and that it is a real time battle Rpg.

Bhai4213d ago absolutely worthy action-RPG. Original screens were totally crap
but these show a different reality, and I would love to visit it !!!

MK_Red4213d ago

Superb, a true mature RPG. I will miss the open world but hopefully great story and characters with different endings will make up for that.