PlayTM: LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Review

PlayTM writes: "LEGO games are for kids, aren't they? That might be the whole point, but I'm 23 (and the best part of a half, sadly) and I merrily stroll through them every autumn, lapping up their inimitable sense of humour and simplistic platform mechanics. But whilst those youngsters might be happy to consume any old LEGO game in-between trips to McDonalds and committing knife crimes, I wasn't exactly enthralled at the prospect of spending a week with Indiana Jones 2. It seemed like a bit of a lame duck from the start, signalling a deficit of creativity and inspiration from even its usage of inelegant numbering. Quite simply, I had the game flagged as an unnecessary stop-gap between the excellent Lego Batman and 2010's Lego Harry Potter."

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