Can Assassin's Creed 2 Actually Outsell Original?

Jason Evangelho writes:

"It seems like an obvious answer, but the original Assassin's Creed remains the fastest-selling new intellectual game property in the U.S, ever. Altaïr's adventure has sold 8 million copies worldwide to date.

It's difficult to thrust a new IP into the crowded video game pool of "easy-money" sequels, but Ubisoft found major success with Assassin's Creed, which can be attributed to original (if repetitious) gameplay and stunning graphics for its time.

Today, Ubisoft reported stellar first week sales of their stealthy-action sequel with 1.6 million copies sold through worldwide, which represents 32% growth over the original's launch week. But could these numbers be merely hype?"

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reluctant_gamer3280d ago

Though the amount of consoles then vs now makes sense...

ZombieAutopsy3279d ago

yea that makes a big difference and i think Ubi is marketing way more for AC2 I see about 10 commercials a day for it.

hay3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Despite Ezio is more bland than Altair(and obvious bugs like slitting throat with a hammer or blunt side of a knife, even killing official in public place reduces notoriety) the game is way better in every way than first one. It should sell better.

dgroundwater3279d ago

What? You think killing the official in front of a dozen people should make you more notorious than him telling half the city about you?