Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Hands On: Respawn Action

RespawnAction writes: "Well the beta for the Call of Duty rival (as it has come to be known) has finally arrived and now people everywhere are talking about it. How does it actually stack up against it's predecessor, as well as the juggernaut Modern Warfare 2?..."

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WildArmed3306d ago

Loving the BC2 beta.. Loving MAG beta..
>_> I've been playing more betas then retail games this month lol

respawnaction3306d ago

lol, I feel ya man. I too am loving the BC2 beta. It screams awesome. Do you know if it runs until March?

WildArmed3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

From what I heard, it goes till Feb 28th lol So ends right b4 march
(goto Information on the Beta, it'll say it expires in Feb)

respawnaction3306d ago

sweet,thanks for the heads up man. and thanks for commenting.

TooTall193306d ago

January at the latest and the PC beta starts in December

respawnaction3306d ago

still good enough for me :)

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