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Michael Wyant writes, "I picked up a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (hereafter referred to as MW2) last night and have joined those 4.7 million people who purchased the game on release day. By join, I mean that I have it now, too... just not on release day. Or the day after...

Honestly, I'm having a hard time writing this review for the single reason that I think anyone who is reading this should actually be in line at the store, trying to get their grubby little gamer hands on the title."

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malfesto3309d ago

This is a phenomenal game. The demonisation of the game's graphic scenes and threat of boycotts doesn't seemed to have put a dent in its success. The only major criticism I have is that there isn't really a good sense of pacing. It has a very "full speed ahead" philosophy, not easing you into the action like the previous title.

Playbyte3309d ago

I was under the impression that people only liked this game for the multiplayer, but it seems like everyone is spending more time talking about the campaign then the online play. Might actually have to check this one out...

Kainewynd23309d ago

I've always been a big fan of the CoD single player modes, though the marketing spin has traditionally been focused on the multiplayer.

Unlike the Battlefield titles where they completely abandon any semblance of single player, CoD consistently puts forth a quality product full of grade A plot and action. In the later CoD titles (Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2), the voice acting is just out of this world and it immerses you in this not-so-far-afield world so deeply that you dream about it.

The part that I've always enjoyed is that the single player, while intense and fulfilling, usually reins in at between 6-10 hours total. Given the nearly non-stop pace of the titles, I usually find my burnout time hitting this mark, so I'm pretty happy generally speaking.

The biggest issue I've had with the single-player is the lack of co-op on MW2 (as I mention in the review).

World at War had it... I just don't get the missing feature.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that the single player storyline definitely makes it a rentable title, but make sure you rent MW1 first so that you aren't left in the dark--it *is* a sequel after all.

mryan1503308d ago

I'm not sure if i would check this game out for the single player. It is about as comprehensive as a Michael Bay film, and that may be giving it to much credit. It doesn't seem to have any coherent story at all, and you go through drastic changes in very little time.

Kainewynd23308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I certainly wouldn't buy it for the campaign, that's for sure... but when you consider MW1 and MW2 as two parts of the same storyline, I found it to be quite entertaining and *relatively* cohesive.

That said, nearly all of the Ranger scenes seemed a little forced for my taste. They could have removed all of them and there wouldn't have been any issues.

Of course, if they took out the Ranger parts, then MW3 wouldn't be set up like it is../me shrugs.

TaintedKane3309d ago

I didn't get CoD4 until almost 2 years after its release. I never cared much about this series although my friends are really into this. Good review though I might pick it up a year later.

Klipsched3309d ago

I still haven't checked out the first Modern Warfare, but I might have to rethink that and play through it and Warfare 2. I don't play much multiplayer on FPS titles but I enjoy a good single player campaign even if it is a bit short.

Kainewynd23309d ago

Gamefly is your friend if you're not into multiplayer--the replay value is pretty slim lacking that option, though the story is immersive.

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