Jenny McCarthy's Wii Game Released to Retailers

Ubisoft has announced that Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy, the newest available fitness video game for the Nintendo Wii, is now available at retail. The game is packaged with a camera peripheral and features Jenny McCarthy providing you with a personalized, effective and comprehensive work-out. The webcam makes the game controller-free.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3283d ago

or limited to certain countries?

Shnazzyone3283d ago

Will be the last we hear of this title. In all reality, jenny Mccarthy watching me workout.... creeps me out a little. Can you catch Hepatitis from a wii peripheral?

xg-ei8ht3283d ago

I don't care, i'd like to work her out.

She's HOT!

Kajaah1173283d ago

So, since the game is controller-free that would mean I'll have my hands free...

whoelse3283d ago

This story would still be in the pending section if it wasn't for that picture! :)

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