Crackdown 2, new screenshots

Microsoft released new screenshots of Crackdown 2.

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Xeoset3311d ago

Looking pretty damn good, especially considering the size of Ruffian Games.

green3311d ago

Never really played Crackdown but all my friends that played it from start to finish, love the game to bits.So will be keeping an eye out on this one.But from these screen shots released, i am impressed.

kaveti66163311d ago

I think it looks terrible when you compare it to another well-known sandbox game. GTAIV. Now, I'm not saying GTAIV is excellent, but I think the explosion effects in GTAIV exceed this, and so do the textures. Obviously, the RAGE engine cost like 100 million bucks to make, but since Crackdown 2 has Microsoft behind it, I was hoping this game would look significantly better. The art style is great, but the texture quality can be much better, as well as (from what I've seen), the explosion effects.