Gearbox On The Disappointing Ending Of 'Borderlands'

Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Today marks the release of the first DLC pack for "Borderlands," "The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned." But it's important not to forget that there was a whole game that came before it. An overwhelmingly excellent game, but also a game which had, shall we say, an ending that didn't quite deliver. I spoke with Paul Helquist, the Senior Designer on "Borderlands" to find out just what went wrong."

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RememberThe3573311d ago

I'm not sure what they thought was disappointing.

SixTwoTwo3311d ago

The ending was no worse than some of the other endings of current gen games. But who played this game for the story anyways. The 4player coop is a blast.

VoggNogg3311d ago

Most of the people that played this game, did not do it for the story... It is all about the phat lewts, and co-op mayhem!!

JayX6663311d ago

Fannnny monster still winds me up, the whole good thing was whats in the vault!

DanSolo3311d ago

The ending was beyond pathetic to be honest. But as someone has said above it's not really a game that people play for that.

Still you'd think with them trying to attract both FPS and RPG fans that they would have done more with the story for the RPG brigade.

I enjoyed the game and did find it quite addictive, I'm about halfway through my second playthrough with the sniper dude so I will probably get the Zombie addon at some point.

It's definately a game that you can get the most out of if you have 3 friends who have the game too and play through as a team. Unfortunately none of my friends have it so I played through most of it solo, with the odd foray into the multiplayer. A few too many idiots fvcking up the multiplayer but if you can get a few decent people together its good.

I'd like to see em do a sequel in a Guild Wars type way, with common area hubs where you can mingle and form parties before venturing out into instanced areas.