Alienware Goes Digital With Valve and Steam

Steam News: "Dell announces that its all powerful Alienware line of PC gaming systems, including the Area-51 and Aurora desktops and the M17x and M15x laptops, will now come pre-loaded with a free copy of Valve's award-winning game, Portal, powered by Steam, a leading platform for PC games with over 20 million accounts worldwide.

With Steam pre-installed on all these PCs, Alienware gamers can expect a higher level of service from their gaming experience right out of the box as existing Steam gamers may simply sign into their account to access all their purchased products. Customers new to Steam will find over 950 games at their finger tips, all supported by automatic updates, the Steam Friends Community of networking services, and more."

All new Alienware PC's will come with Steam and a copy of Valve's multiple award winning FPS puzzle game 'Portal'.

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ThanatosDMC3279d ago

If they have an Alienware, they probably use Steam anyway. I forgot i bought Dragon Age on Steam and installing it right now... i'll probably have to wait a day or so. 20gb and my connection is going 746kbs to 30kbps... stupid AT&T.

I'll probably get the PS3 version if im not satisfied at how it looks. I have HD3200 on the tablet. I doubt it's strong enough.

champ213279d ago

hd3200 is kind of old.

i would recommend a gpu upgrade.. even a 150usd gpu will out do what ever the ps3 can for the rest of this gen.. so its a very worthwhile investment.

what are the specs on the rest of your system?

i cant stress enough how much dragon age needs a mouse and keyboard.

ThanatosDMC3279d ago

I cant. It's on a tx2500z. My tower is really good. Just cant drag it around wherever i go though.

TABSF3279d ago

Guys when upgrading to a newer gpu there is ways to see if its high end.

If I said I'm getting a ATi 5000 series GPU that could sound impressive but a 5600 in not gonna do the job its a mainstream card for casual gamers. <£70
If I said I'm getting a ATi 5770 card that is impressive and would serve you many years with out a GPU upgrade. around £120
If I said I'm getting a ATi 5970 card then you would think I'm crazy but for some the best is never enough lol. around £520.

The 5 is the series number and really means nothing
The second number such as 6,7,8 and 9 is a big tell whether its high end or mainstream for ATi Cards on this current Gen.
The last 2 numers will usually in ATi case be 50, 70 and 90. but again bear very little differences for example, the ATi 4870 and 4890 was extremely similar cards but the 90 having better performance, not enough for the price point though, equally you can overclock the 4870 to = the 4890.
No doubt the 5870 will be better than the 5850 but they are very even, only noticeable difference is that the 5850 has 1440 cores and 5870 having 1600 cores.

Nvidia have different brand of course,

Enthusiast GT 200 series cards
GTX 295, GTX 285

High end card
GTX 275, GTX 260 (both versions) and GTS 250 (revision of 9800 GTX+)

Mainstream cards
GTS 240, GT 240 and GT 220.

hope this has been helpful. ATi has the best performance atm for Graphics cards with great prices but this is mainly because the competition is lagging behind (nvidia)

hoops3279d ago

Geforce 8 and 9 cards are all pretty much the same but put on smaller dies.
Nvidia just renamed them which IMO is sneaky.

3277d ago