AtomicGamer: Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Review

After the lukewarm reception the much-hyped Resident Evil 5 received earlier this year, die-hard fans may've felt Capcom had injected a new viral strain of their own into the feel of the venerable series. With a much more prominent emphasis of explosions, action setpieces and boss battles with automatic, unlimited-ammo weapons, the newest core RE entry just didn't feel exactly right. Not that this more adrenaline-fueled approach was a complete case of poisoning the well-RE5 just seemed to be envious of action games and cover shooters in ways the traditional Resident Evil's of old (or even RE4, for that matter) never were, even with the presence of Chris, Jill and Wesker, and the inclusion of a plot that essentially wrapped up a story arch that had been left hanging since Code: Veronica.

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