Guitar Hero 6 Confirmed

Well, it didn't take long for it to come out into the open, but already, Guitar Hero 6 has already been confirmed. However, the confirmation didn't come from Activsion, it actually came from band Tesla's guitarist, who also confirmed the inclusion of Modern Day Cowboy in the game.

"Oh – by the way – 'Modern Day Cowboy' is going to be on Guitar Hero 6," said Tesla guitarist Dave Rude."I think it's a good thing. Even if people don't learn to play guitar, it's exposing them to all sorts of cool guitar-based music that they wouldn't have ever heard otherwise."

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LukaX233308d ago

Screw Activision. Guitar Hero deserves better.

Madusha3308d ago

mhmm, pretty obvious. Guitar hero will never end.

-Alpha3308d ago

Screw Activision AND Guitar Hero. Gamers deserve better.

GamerSciz3308d ago

This is almost getting as bad as those darn SAW movies....a new one every year.

execution173308d ago

just released Guitar Hero 5 like yesterday?

SullyDrake3308d ago

I'm bored of these games.

Saaking3308d ago

So GH6 and a dozen more expansions for next year? How can people keep buying the same sh1t over and over is beyond me.

Anorexorcist3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Label me...nauseous.

solidjun53308d ago

I'm shocked!!!!

I don't know. I thought the GH series has been selling less and less with each iteration. Anyway, is anyone surprised at this? Nope. After this is released, GH7 will be announced the week after.

badz1493308d ago

that's activision and bobby kotick for ya! for gamers all around the world, just don't buy these craps anymore! this is of course if you didn't buy TH Ride and DJ Hero. but if you did, you're helpless baby cow!

jav09183307d ago

GH3 was the first one for me and I stopped after world tour. GH3 is the best one IMO GH4 was trash actually did everyone song on expert guitar. Had guitar campaign 100% on 1 play through. I couldn't even finish GH3 they made GH for the babies now.

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Smash Daddy3308d ago

Because the fifth was so popular...

Redempteur3308d ago

christmas hasn't even happenned yet this year ...

Like Cod it was obvious it would happen BUT BUT activision doesn't even try to hide their need for money now ?i guess the flood gates are open ...

Tomorrow we'll get the annoncement of call of duty 7 ...

brandonw003308d ago

I like Harmonix's style. Just release a bunch of DLC, not a brand new game every other month.

baxy-z3308d ago

Agreed. Surely this option would be so much cheaper and more financially feasible for them this way. Less development team = cost saved on DLC. But then again, they must make more from selling the over-priced guitars/drums/mics.


Lord Shuhei Yoshida3308d ago

OMG! MEGATON! Craptivision strikes again

CommandOptionPR3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Oh for crying out LOUD, can we please have a different game now? I think you've milked this cash cow plenty.

We all know the constant releases of this game are to make more money for the artists because people download their music instead of paying for it on iTunes.

Money money money money money om nom nom nom nom mmmmMMmmmMM

Band / music games have gone from enjoyable experiences to being obvious vehicles of profit for musicians. Just shove a new game down our throats every 6 months and load it with your new songs people wouldn't buy on a CD so you can make your millions.

Good riddance.

Exias3308d ago

milk it, milk it
I stopped at 3....I have too many guitars as it is.

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