Mercs Inc, the game that survived the Pandemic

EA and Pandemic Studios have just announced that Mercs Inc would be going into development, which would be taken up by EA's Los Angeles studios.

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Cajun Chicken3222d ago

Well, I guess at least the game is saved.

Madusha3222d ago

EA wouldn't mess this up, would they? They couldn't possibly mess up, it's EA!

blackboyunltd3222d ago

can't wait to see what EA sells out of this game

vhero3221d ago

I think it will be better now EA are doing it as Mercs 2 was buggy as hell! Pandemic were known for making buggy/glitchy as hell games. Ea are pretty good at ironing out much glitches.

ogwilson3222d ago

I just hope EALA doesnt screw it up.

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