OFLC rates Ogre Battle 64 for Virtual Console

According to the OFLC, Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber is coming to the Virtual Console.

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SpoonyRedMage3306d ago

Awesome, got the original Ogre Battle on the VC.

Wonder why Nintendo is publishing it though?:S

BlackIceJoe3304d ago

This is great news that Ogre Battle will come out on the Wii. I hope after this Square-Enix will make a new Ogre game. I so want to see SE make more games of there other great classic games.

BigPenguin3304d ago

SE did not make ogre battle, at all. It was quest.

I actually own the 64 cartridge still. Great game, I hope they add more Valiant Mantles, only having guaranteed 1 and max 4 was BS.

wanderofys3304d ago

Enix published several of the older Ogre Battle games in the past, that's probably where the confusion set in

SpoonyRedMage3304d ago

Square bought Quest in 2002, but the Quest staff continued with Ivalice games.

BigPenguin3304d ago

I stand corrected then. It would explain why tactics ogre: knights of lodus was so much like FFTA.

SE needs to get off their asses and make new ogre battles then.

Shnazzyone3304d ago

another one of those titles i will gladly snag the moment it pops onto the service.