IGN: SOCOM: Confrontation DLC Hands-on

November 24, 2009 - A little over a year ago, SOCOM: Confrontation launched with a bit of a rocky start for the respected online franchise. Missing features and technical issues were among the list of complaints that fans raised about the first steps of the series on the PS3, but Slant Six and SCEA have been hard at work since the release working on patches and prepping additional content for players. The recent plan is to release a holiday 1-2 punch of SOCOM content to keep players blasting through the last few weeks of 2009. During a recent visit to Sony, I checked out both the upcoming 1.6 patch as well as the future downloadable content that should expand the gameplay of the online shooter.

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-GametimeUK-3280d ago

I actually want this game becaus I somewhat enjoyed the beta... But remember we got this game extremely late in the UK so I didnt pick it up... But now im cautious if theres any tchnical issues left with this game... And I should also go check if it still has a good, strong community...

But yeah I may pick this title up...

Kalowest3280d ago

Its been reported that its the most played PSN online game.

Raoh3280d ago

And would have been a bigger hit and cash cow and a big system seller if sony corp didnt screw up its launch and choices for development..

i love killzone 2 and resistance but sony failed to notice the millions of SOCOM fans and failed to deliver a proper next sequel..

If i still have a BC PS3 i'd be playing SOCOM II right now..

I love my ps3 and sony but i will never forgive them and slant 6 for such a lousy ps3 launch for this series..

how do you fail to notice how huge of a cult following this series has? just glancing at the forums would have told them so..

MAG better be crack or Zipper is going to lose a lot of fans

SoapShoes3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Zipper had lots of problems with Socom 2 as well with glitchs/ers, cheaters, lag, etc. People just overlooked that at the time since it was the most popular shooter and ushered online gaming onto the PS2.

I skipped Socom Confrontation at launch because I knew it was mediocre at the time. I recently got it for free after the 1.50 patch and it is a very good game. Reminds me of Socom. I just wish it had single player, because I never really played online on the PS2 versions much.

As for MAG, I doubt many Socom fans will be buying it. Sure some will, but I remember many Socom fans bashing Zipper because their game was first person and that they would not be buying MAG. I think MAG will attract a new demographic not related to Socom.

Kalowest3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I hope Slant Six Games learned from their mistakes.

Raoh3280d ago

@ Estranged games last gen had a few issues.. but didnt have the patch effect new gen consoles have..

with that said socom 1 and 2 did get that DNA (SP?) system that checked for cheaters.. and good clans kept you in proper game lobby's.. and for the most part.. cheaters stayed in their lane and at least noted in their game room name that it was a glitch/cheat room..

other than that.. small issues were ignored for great gaming experience

socom 1 and 2 beats confrontation in leaning. Weapon Switching. Grenade Tossing. etc..

i played the confrontation beta and was one of the people defending it.. cause i thought slant 6 would take our info and fix things.. nothing got fixed.. the game is now a year old its now that it got a fix? and the dlc is going to cost us?

here is the part i love... did slant 6 really have time to work on a psp game at the same time? really?

socom 2 from zipper was awesome.. it was combined assault i had a problem with..

jut4203280d ago

well at least someone gave us a freakin time frame!!! Really disappointing to hear this from IGN and not Slant Six. I will never buy another one of your games again you shady mothers! IDC if it is another Socom.

Socomer 19793280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I was just as upset as everyone else about the launch issues. im still a bit dissapointed that socom doesnt have all the maps and guns that it used to have yet... BUT Socom Confrontation is definatly a Socom game.

people dont remember how every single socom released has had big problems. most importantly was the lag then it was the glitchers.

This socom is the best socom ive played. the only thing thats stops me from playing was the issues and Not the gameplay.
we would all like user created rooms & tie breakers but i did only pay $30 bucks for this game and it came with a free headset. The game is awesome.

Slant 6 may have messed up and are pretty late with some dlc but they have to stick with it. keep Zipper interactive far away from socom.
look what they did with mag. mag is not as good as socom confrontation.
we jsut want more guns.

Raoh3280d ago

and that's what makes it worse.. socom as a $30 title

it was clearly one of the biggest sony franchises.. the playstation forums and the filled to capacity servers on all the socom games including the psp versions should have been a hint to sony that SOCOM Franchise deserved Killzone 2 funding and support..

i'm sorry if i'm coming off as a hater, but i've been such a huge socom fan for so long that i'm just left with a bad taste in my mouth from the whole socom confrontation experience..

Ma1nframe3280d ago

since Slant 6 took over, they RUINED socom forever. Death to slant 6. Hope they all go bankrupt and are left out on the streets....

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