Fermi expected in January

Multiple sources now claim that Nvidia has promised to ship Fermi in January 2010. We are talking about GF100 Fermi, the GPU that is expected to defeat ATIs Radeon HD 5000-series offerings. To make matters more clear, January is the time when you can hope to buy a high-end Geforce desktop graphics card based on Fermi.

Nvidia Fermi-based cards in the enthusiast market have been pushed from a late November launch to a January launch mainly due the fact that the A2 silicon chip revision was not good enough for volume production, so A3 is about to ship to partners soon.

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Cornrow3282d ago

Hope that chip can come back at ATI. Not that I am fanboying, but look at what happens when AMD doesn't have a good laptop CPU to put out? We wait almost a year for Calpella platform. The last thing we need is a market where Intel makes CPUs, Nvidia makes Mobile Internet Device / Smart Phone GPU, and ATI makes PC GPU. Releases would take for ever, and prices would just float at near launch rates for what would seem interminable.