Gamers have no lives….

Kouppa-networklive writes: Gamers are different breed of people. Unlike anyone else, we are able to go to artificial worlds.

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Blaster_Master3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I have unlimited lives, and continues. LOL!

Saaking3277d ago

There's much more to life than gaming. Lame article.

Trebius3277d ago

When im not playing video games...i'm playing my Guitar, Longboarding, or reading...

Its all the same...

If you're a gamer hooked on World of Warcraft though, that's a different story...that game sucks the life out of you.

Article does Fail though.

3277d ago
Madusha3277d ago

Ridiculous article, how did this get approved.

“we stay home for hours and play video games.” Because if you’re a gamer, you know there is nothing better than having an entire day to just game."

WTF? kouppa is alone on that one.

The_Darkest_Red3277d ago

You're really using the fact that you've had a threesome to prove that you have a life? Kids these days...

I am going to have to ask you, ironically, to get a life.

LukaX233277d ago

All your base are belong to us.

Darkfocus3277d ago

Hellsvacancy - 26 minutes ago
1.3 -
"How many gamers out there can say that thayve had a threesome? "well i can"

Wotta gay article, im livin proof that (sum) gamers hav lives"

your also living proof that some gamers don't know how to spell :/

Perjoss3277d ago

@ Hellsvacancy

you know that it does not really count if you had to pay for it right?

Darkstorn3277d ago

While I realize that a lot of gamers do indeed have 'no lives' and play for hours every day of the week, most people I know are able to successfully balance video games with a healthy social life.
I think we all know that if we had been lifting weights instead of playing video games our entire lives, every one of us would be beefy super sculptures of muscle. Yet, games have been a great part of my life, and I want to appreciate them for decades to come.

syanara3277d ago

when im not gaming im working my ass off in the pub lol

NecrumSlavery3277d ago

Two dudes is more of a gay experience than a

but seriously, I'm working fulltime military with a wife and kid. And play a lot if games. But also play guitar, skateboard, watch flicks, music, etc.

Kids on summer vacation playing games all day have no lives. Most people teens and up have lives, families an jobs. Gaming is a healthy hobby of the mind. Well unless youre those kids on YouTube freaking when their parents van them from WOW....that's funny though

hay3277d ago

I would soo love to have no life for some time...

jadenkorri3277d ago

When the internet is shut down, the largest army will rise.

INehalemEXI3277d ago

In the time of chimpanzees I was a Lombax.

Staircase3277d ago

This is defending gamers, not bashing them.

Pretty short article with massive pictures, but well written and gets the point across. I like it. :)

XxZxX3277d ago

who defines how we should live our life. Not even God, God shows us the way, we have to walk it ourself. If Gaming is part of life or our whole life. Let it be. As long as one enjoy themselves and feel comfortable doing it, who are we to judge them.

ABizzel13277d ago

Stop stealing my profile pic.

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ASSASSYN 36o3278d ago

Gaming is life.-j/k And here come the stupid people.

Darkstorn3277d ago

Meh. Hanging out with my friends is life. Gaming is surely an enjoyable romp, though. Still, to each his own.

Jerk1203278d ago

Just because you have no life doesn't mean that everybody else does.

And just because you enjoy gaming 24/7 doesn't mean that everybody else does too.

Learn to speak for yourself.

Hellsvacancy3277d ago

The articles probably aimin at 360 loyalists

lovestruck063276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

was gunna put this comment in the gamer zone, but still banned lol for telling turn 10 he had bleeding in the brain if he thought forza three was bettter then gt5 lol i swear the mods on this site senior citizens. i like how the mods deleted his comment cuz he said the evil g word. politically correctness is running rampant these days. the only word i disapprove of is the N word. on topic this article is bunk and it completely is stereotyping gamers. this person is just trying to make it seem like he's a cool person and not a loser cuz his trying generalize all gamers into his category of loser.theyres all kinds of gamers out there just like anything really in life. theres not just one kind of gamer that'd be like saying if u drink once a month ur just as an alcholic as a guy that drinks every day. what a loser. failed attempt at making himself feel normal and seriously people on this site need to chillax and stop being grammar and spelling wh*res. we get it by correcting someones spelling you feel big. do you guys ever think some people really dont care about having perfect grammar. you know what they're saying isnt that what really matters unless u wanna be a douche about it. technically hell vancy or whatever proved that he does have a life cuz he doesnt give a crap about spelling cuz he doesnt want to waste time being OCD and a perfectionist.
also why be so serious about his comment about having a threesome. i give him made props, not many people can handle 1 woman let alone 2 and maybe some of you gamers are to old or have no sense of humour. id probably pull an american pie 1 if i had two girls at one time that be dope tho. still young still time lol:p haha...

also i was hopin mods were gunna delete my account but they didnt. i hate this site even right now im afraid mods are gunna delete my comment. mods are unreal. sometimes i wonder if fox news controls the mods on this site, cuz seriously sh*ts weak. plus if your not neutral and total kiss A$$ on this site ur bubbles get R*ped its pointless. im not gunna waste my time trying to impress gamers on this site so i can have mad bubble skill so i can talk more even tho i cant say whats on my mind cuz ill either get my comment deleted or my bubbles snatched so whats really th fin point of this can someone tell me lol:p

Mr Face Creamer3276d ago

Honestly... WTF? Was hellsvacancy's comment honestly better than yours?

Wow... You droids are programmed to only agree on any Phony-pro comments.

ZombieAutopsy3278d ago

I use to have the best life, setting around all day eating pizza playing games and smoking i wake up at 1pm, go to work at 2pm, get out at 10pm, eat dinner, play games for about an hour maybe a little more, watch an episode or two of married with children, then fall asleep and repeat.

Uzesgelen_Goo3277d ago

that's boring dude (except your wife & kids)
knockout someone in your office (^^) it'll make some noise in your daily life!

ZombieAutopsy3277d ago

believe me i thought about it today when a foreman came up to me and told me i couldn't lean on my bench because "his guys" weren't aloud to...but then i remembered the buy 2 get 1 free this weekend at gamestop and realized that guy has a good 30 years on me and will be dead in about 20.

lh_swe3277d ago

I am not referring to the hardcore vs casual audiences neither.

The addicts and the non-addicts (for lack of a better word), in effect some people play in complete disregard to their surroundings and by this I mean homework, real world socializing and perhaps even their job/school. This is a relatively small demographic within the gaming community, however it has previously been the face of gaming and gamers. People are starting to perceive gamers as people with a hobby and not an obsession due to the widened market within gaming.

Kalowest3277d ago

Damn guess I'm an addict, no life, no GF, and Failing.

lh_swe3277d ago

The key is moderation and a stricter work regime at home.

My motivation is that my gf will either leave or hold out on sex if I game too much so its basically a no brainer in my case.

Saaking3277d ago

I like gaming marathons sometimes (you know, staying up all day doing nothing but gaming) but that's just once in a while. There's just not enough time anymore with all the other crap you gotta do.

The_ARCHITECT3277d ago

If you actually read the article, you can see that he's defending you gamers from stereotypical people out there, great article.

lh_swe3277d ago

I am just giving MY opinion (not to be confused with his) on when I think gaming has gone to far and how people are starting to perceive gaming at least in Sweden.

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