Atari brings popular Flash game N to handhelds

Atari has announced it will publish N+, a souped up version of the popular Flash game N, on the DS and PSP this November. For those that have never played N, it is described as "a psychotic mix of Pac-Man and platform jumping acrobatics." With ninjas.

The handheld versions will recreate the Flash game and include local competitive and cooperative modes along with a level editor, online leaderboards and downloadable content.

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MK_Red3252d ago

N rules, the best free game ever!

ZeroAlarm3252d ago

This is such a good game!
I wonder how it will play like on smaller screen, though

SwiderMan3252d ago

Haven't tried it before seeing this news post, but I checked out the link on that web site and I'm thoroughly impressed. Nice little flash game, indeed.