Onimusha: The Movie

Onimusha is to be brought to the silver screen in the next couple of years, according to Silent Hill director Christopher Gans.

Speaking to French movie website, Gans, confirmed that he is working on a film adaptation of Capcom's feudal samurai slash 'em up. According to the report, Takeshi Kaneshiro (who's voice was actually used in the Onimusha games) will play the lead role. The script is being written by John Collee (Master & Commander, Happy Feet).

Filming is due to start early next year and the whole thing isn't expected to hit cinemas unitl September 2009.

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Rhezin4208d ago

Totally awesome, now they should come out with another Onimusha for 360 :0

THE_JUDGE4208d ago

This could be good if the guy who did the Silent Hill movie would stay away. SH the movie sucked and I loved the games. I love the Onimusha's and they better not screw up the movies. And Screw the 360, make one for PS3.