Rumored PlayStation Store Content for 11/24/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Instead of our normal Thursday updates (since Thursday is Thanksgiving) we'll be getting our PlayStation Store update today. Today's update is looking rather robust, with plenty of great games, demos and more to choose from. Don't forget that select titles are 50% off as part of the PSN fall game sale."

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Sev3102d ago

I forgot the PS Store was updating today. Sorry this is so last minute.

doctorstrange3102d ago

Yeah, I also totally forgot about the update. Anyway, looks like a great week

kratos1233102d ago

i didnt even now till this moment

DasBunker3102d ago

NP my man, sooooo sev.. do you have MAG Beta Keys you will give away in a contest or summin? can i have a code in advance? :) thx.

Sev3102d ago

I will email Sony PR right now and try and snag some codes. :)

If I can get them we'll have a contest.

SuperStrokey11233102d ago

I wasnt aware of this either, good to know.

Lots of good games there on sale, hope we get more ps1 games. Also great to see the borderlands DLC. Game is so much fun. I wont be getting the DLC yet though as i have just started the game but so far its aces.

DasBunker3102d ago

Awesome! if you make it first come first served dont forget to send me a warning before it :P.. or a code if you like :)

Hellsvacancy3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

STILL no Final Fantasy 8, f-sake wots your problem Sony? y u holdin out on me theres a potential customer sittin RIGHT HERE!!!

MAiKU3102d ago

They could be planning to release it closer to the NA release of FF13. maybe like in december or February.

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ftwrthtx3102d ago

They updated early before turkey day last year as well

doctorstrange3102d ago

Tis nice to get the update early

Trexman893102d ago

When playing borderlands, i kept thinking. "this game needs more zombies"

doctorstrange3102d ago

I often feel that when playing games, zombies are always welcome

decimalator3102d ago

Don't tell Nathan Drake that

Sev3102d ago

I have to agree Zombies are great. Now, if only we could get some Zombies in a beat' em up. Their rotted corpses should splatter when punched, and continue to walk around headless for a few moments.

That's gaming gold right there.

Roper3163102d ago

Know what Drake would really dislike?

a zombie clown

doctorstrange3102d ago

Haha, yeah that is the best idea for a game I've ever heard, would be very fun

ftwrthtx3102d ago

I can just see an endless supply of zombie clowns coming out of an old VW beetle.

decimalator3102d ago

Make that female zombie clowns that want to settle down into a committed relationship, maybe start a zombie clown family.

zaza1263102d ago

woah there decimalator!
calm down man, youre going to give me nightmares

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Roper3163102d ago

Bring on the Zombies in Borderlands!!! I'll be getting this & Flower on sale for $4.99 this week.

doctorstrange3102d ago

Definitely get Flower, tis an awesome game

Lifewish3102d ago

some solid stuff, though nothing i plan to buy

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The story is too old to be commented.