Truthbombers Review: Chuck Norris. Bring the Pain! (iphone game review)

Chuck Norris stars in his first iPhone game. "Chuck Norris: Bring the Pain!" Control or try to control the awesomeness that is Chuck Norris through the war torn jungles or brawl it up on the streets of Texas in this side scrolling beat'em up.

Chuck Norris was in an unfortunate accident in which he ran around the world and punched himself in the back of the head, and lost all his special abilities due to amnesia. Chuck Norris is called upon to save some prisoners in the jungle, Chuck of course would not pass up that opportunity.

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StrboyM3191d ago

THIS MUST BE GAME OF THE YEAR....well I shouldn't worry..If its not GOTY, the panel of judges will mysteriously die.

you've been warned...hahhhahha

Truthbombers3191d ago

Chuck Norris > Panel of Judges