Xbox Live Party Chat May Be Returning To Modern Warfare 2

Robert Bowling, the community manager for Infinity Ward (known best as fourzerotwo) has it on good authority through the "grapevine" that we could be seeing the abomination of this forced rerouting of communication once and for all.

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Alan Wake3072d ago

Crapstation 3 no pary chay in game so cheap hehehehheeheheh

Killflop 2 no friends invite !!! Really PSN So Cheap

CernaML3072d ago

That Naughty Dog dev liieeed to us. D:

Roper3163072d ago

well you certainly talk like the dumbed down to 360 game that you are. No wonder they cancelled the PC version after dumbing it down to 360 levels no PC gamer would want it. If it wasn't for the crappy 360 Alan Wake would have been an open world game and might have actually been good.

spacetattoo3072d ago

Party chat should have never been taken out in the first place. Taking away party chat actually will make me play the game less.
Some times I like to play my games and talk to who I want. Not some annoying people that are on my team.

STOP taking things that make gamers happy, I think the reason given is a joke. People are going to cheat with or without party chat.

ogwilson3072d ago

Agreed. I thought this was one of the most useless, and maddening, changes they've made.

FragMnTagM3072d ago

I haven't been playing it that much and that is one of the reasons. I agree that I don't want to hear little kids calling my friends the N word or whatever else they come up with. Having the option to be in a party chat is really nice. I hope they bring it back.

It really doesn't make a whole lot of sense that some gametypes have party chat and some do not. WTF is the point of that? In any match on CODMW2, you level up anyway, so what gives? Why the need to disable party chat for only certain gametypes like team deathmatch?

Bnet3433072d ago

Thank god. What me and my friends did was actually mute everyone that we didn't know in the game. I'm glad party chat is coming back, should of not been taken out to begin with. Good job of IW to listen to the community.

StanLee3072d ago

While I understand what Infinity Ward was trying to accomplish, it was poorly implemented. Trying to encourage team work by forcing you to participate in game chat is a terribly idea. My friends and I play domination, demolition and capture the flag and would prefer to simply remain in party chat.

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ASSASSYN 36o3072d ago

"being a (predominately) black site." ...the fck?

ogwilson3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

The site is predominantly black (meaning there are a large number of blacks behind the site's operations) and the author is black.

ASSASSYN 36o3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Yeah turbo. I am fully aware of that. It just didn't need to be placed in an article despite it being referenced to the racism on xbox-live. Blacks? Mo fo I am brown. What is a white website? Yellow? Who gives damn.

ogwilson3072d ago

I guess he just needed a way to prove his point?

Blaze9293072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

He was saying he (a black guy) and his staff members (mostly black people) were glad becuase black people are the center of attacks for most of the racist slurs and idiots for Xbox LIVE and with Party chat, you don't have to hear that sad mess

FragMnTagM3071d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. I have many black friends on XBOX Live and to hear them get called all kinds of names makes me sick. Skin color does not matter to me. As long as you are cool, I have no problem with your skin color. You could be purple for all I care. As long as you are chill and want to get down to business on the games, who the fvck cares what color you are? Nobody gets to choose what color they are when they are born.

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Roper3163072d ago

howz kan weez beez cheetin wis out noes chatz outsidez ars teemz membaz.

SARGEHALO6663072d ago

I actually had to used my privacy settings so that I only could hear people in my friend's list and not some idiot kid going crazy about his throwing knife (happened in the very first Team Deathmatch I played!). That was quite helpful though annoying to do.

ASSASSYN 36o3072d ago

Of all the years I have been playing xbox-live I never thought of that. Good idea thanks. I grant thee a +1 bubble.

DitkaKenobi3072d ago

I didn't even realize the option was in there until MW2 came out, lol. It's so nice not to have to hear the idots anymore. People say some of the craziest things when they are in their anonymous internet bubble.

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