3 Things to Remove From the Zelda Formula in Zelda Wii

As Zelda Wii approaches, we have been hearing that the game will make some big changes to the Zelda experience that will be in Director Eiji Aonuma's words "as big as OoT's conversion to 3D".

However, what exactly will those changes be? Zelda Universe takes a look at some of the ways in which the Zelda formula can be changed for the better.

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LegendZelda3127d ago

I agree. I am so tired of getting items to never use them ever again. the spinner in TP was one of the coolest items ever but it served no purpose outside of the dungeon. :(

EvilTwin3126d ago

Numbers two and three on that list are linked -- fewer items overall equals a smaller chance of getting ones that are boss-specific.

I'm a bit divided on number one. Ganondorf is a part of the franchise as much as Link or Zelda. But I can't deny that Twilight Princess would have been a better game with Zant as the main antagonist.

Trebius3126d ago

Is the difficulty.

Zelda games need to be as difficult as Link to the Past...

The latest Zelda game was just way too easy...

3 hits and the boss dies...

Give me a break...we're not children.

Magnus3126d ago

I would say stop the cel shaded Link stuff

Neo Nugget3126d ago

You mean the whole one game they did?

NecrumSlavery3126d ago

You mean the celshading in Twilight Princess or the Toon Shading in Wind Waker?

Raider693126d ago

Make dificulty settings or just ramp up the dificulty!Zelda dificulty is lame,even my 5 year old son can finnish whithout help!

Nihilism3126d ago

I probably have a few complaints about the zelda games, but they are timeless. and they will always be some of the best games ever made. I say don't change a god damn thing. Also, windwaker was a good game

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