IncGamers - Saw Review [360]

IncGamers' Tim McDonald braves Jigsaw's death-traps to bring back this review of the Saw game.

From the review: "Saw, relating what happens between the first and second films, starts off well enough. At first, the atmosphere is undeniably creepy – the old, ruined asylum provides a fitting location for your particular breed of sadistic death-traps. The first few traps and rooms are simple enough, but still remarkably tense. Pulling one of the characteristic reverse bear-traps from protagonist Detective Tapp's head is a nice opening moment for anyone who's seen the films, and the simple puzzles in the first few rooms provide a nice way of learning the basic controls."

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Leord3072d ago

Nor surprised at the grade...

Fyzzu3072d ago

Wow that sounds terrible.