Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert talks to PS3 Attitude; Shooter, Dungeons, and a whole lot more

PS3 Attitude writes:

"Today marked the inaugural PS3 Attitude Twitter interview or 'Twitterview' – if you're down with that whole brevity thing.

The subject of our maiden experiment in social tomfoolery was one Dylan Cuthbert, producer extraordinaire of Kyoto based Q-Games and all round great guy for signing up to be our guinea pig.

Check the full interview for such topics as what Shooter's influences were (Super Mario Bros. came as a bit of a surprise), the current fate of PixelJunk Dungeons along with an interesting reveal of how Q-Games kept asking Sony for a Platinum Trophy for Shooter but ultimately it was never to be."

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xabmol3189d ago

The Dude abides. lol

Can't wait for this game. Passed on pjRacers, got hooked on pjMonsters, and pjEden was fun, but pjShooter looks to top 'em all.

jut4203189d ago

Same here man. Passed on PJR, loved PJM like it was nobody's business, never played PJE, but have high hopes for PJS.

callahan093189d ago

Why would Sony not want a platinum for Shooter? Gah! I hope they don't go back to their PS2 ways of being really ridiculous when it comes to licensing and certification. They single-handedly sank Working Designs by not giving them an approval for a series of games they'd already localized! They went through all the effort, spent all the money, and then couldn't even release it because Sony mandated it so, and the company went under. That was an example of the last-gen arrogance of Sony. This generation so far Sony has been AMAZING at supporting small developers, just look at all the games like Flow, Flower, Critter Crunch, Everyday Shooter, Shatter, PixelJunk series, and so many more. But when they start doing stuff like this, refusing to give the developer what they want on their game, then you start to look arrogant again, you start to cause frustrations and then rifts happen. Q-Games is already angry about Sony's lack of first-party advertising support for PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, it probably would have been a better thing to give them the platinum trophy they were looking for, and trust me when I say the fans, the customers, us, would have LOVED to have that platinum trophy instead of a small set of DLC-sized trophies to acquire.

Anyway, Sony's been great this generation, and I hope that continues and this doesn't mean they're reverting to their former control-freak arrogance.