14 console and PC mods you'll wish you owned

GamesRadar writes:

"As gamers of a hardcore persuasion, we form a very deep bond with our machines. Far more than mere appliances, they're as much part of the family as they are part of our homes' technological landscapes. Millions might be sold, but only one feels uniquely our own.

So, much as petrolheads spend thousands on personalising their rides, the more technically minded amongst us put hours of painstaking effort and tweaking into externalising that personal relationship. Some mods are cool. Some are genuinely impressive. But some blow the mind clean out of the back of the head, and inspire feverish coveting in all those who gaze upon them. And these are those mods."

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FragMnTagM3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Although I did not enjoy Doom 3 as much as I should have, I want the fing case like NOW!

Edit: the R2D2 Multi console is also hawtness. 8 freaking consoles packed inside an R2D2, complete with a projector, WIN!