Loot Ninja's Cosplay Girl of the Week 11.24.09 – Spanksgiving Edition

Loot Ninja says:

"What is better than video games and really hot chicks? When said really hot chicks are dressed up as video game characters. After the jump is our official Loot Ninja Cosplay Girl of the Week. We don't know her name, but we like it that way. Remember, just because you wanna bang a Pikachu, that doesn't make you a deviant.

As always, SFW"

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presto7173160d ago

I wish there were more like her.

Anorexorcist3159d ago

A hot asian chick with a perfect 10 caucasion chicks body = Boing!

Spanksgiving? LOL, oh yeah that's whats gonna happen when dinner is through and the men of the house want to go back to their rooms to...relax.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3159d ago

Worth clicking on...unless your a ChatBot!!! ;-D

Perjoss3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

dont get me wrong, I love boobies, but why are all the 'cosplay girl of the week' posts always half naked, something tells me they dont really focus on the costumes at all. It's almost like an insult to gamers intelligence that 99% of the time when a female appears in a game she has to have giant breasts or really tight clothes.

When you look at characters like Kai (Nariko's sister in Heavenly Sword) and Elena from Uncharted games its plain to see you can have super cool female characters that are not giant breasted or half naked.

edit: no cheeky comments about how the 2 females i mentioned are only on PS3, it was a pure coincidence :P

xabmol3159d ago

Here kitty kitty. Play twing twang??


Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

lol, Kai is...

xabmol3159d ago

Yeah, but that's half the fun right there! (0.<)

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The story is too old to be commented.