CNET Assassins Creed 2 Review

Kevin VanOrd writes: At first, Assassin's Creed II might seem as if it has added more than its foundation was meant to handle, but once all the new features are completely introduced, it develops that magic that so few games can cast. This is the rare sequel that offers fans of the original the basics they would expect, while adding and changing so many other aspects that even those who didn't appreciate the first should take the plunge, without hesitation. A few more contrivances notwithstanding, Assassin's Creed II is a better game than its forebear and is a beautiful and memorable experience on its own terms. But it's more than just a game - it's an escape to a place and a time that feels so welcoming, you'll be making return trips even after your initial adventure is over.

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Campy da Camper3189d ago

there is so much more to do in this game.


Once you get to your uncles villa things really get cranking. gone are the flag catching days and instead you get to find loot, statues and feathers. Very fun indeed. Great graphics, story and man the voice acting is top notch. I cannot wait to get the flying machine!