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Xbox 360 becomes the first gaming console to offer content from Logo, MTV Networks' channel for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender audience; top anime distributors and CMT, the nation's #1 country music network

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SuperSaiyan44213d ago

'Xbox 360 becomes the first gaming console to offer content from Logo, MTV Networks’ channel for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender audience;'

Sorry but thats not only disgraceful thats outright disgusting and sick.

Screw that sh1t.

MoonDust4213d ago

You don't have to download it. What's next? Getting mad they are adding BET?

P4KY B4213d ago

Gays and Lesbians should get content too.

Nobody chooses to be gay or lesbian, they are born that way. Would you call programming for disabled people "disgusting and sick"? No you wouldn't.

If you dont like it, dont watch it. Thats the beauty of living in a democratic country.

Freedom of speech all the way.

DrunKao4213d ago

No wonder you only have one bubble a**hole. You are a disgrace of a DBZ fan!

Xi4213d ago

at least gay people know how to dress.

calderra4213d ago

Heh. Gay people don't do as much inbreeding either.
(Seriously. Look at the statistics. Heh.)

gta_cb4212d ago

haha i think SuperSaiyan4 just got pwned! oh and dude (SuperSaiyan4) if you hadnt had one bubble before that post you would have deffinatly gone done a few. i spose you mite be racist aswell?

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power of Green 4213d ago

lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender audience, CMT, the nation’s #1 country music network.? WHY!.

Daz4213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

So what they can if they want i know i wont be using/watching it, does this affect you because they added it? it dont me because i wont watch it or listen to country music. But i will be watching the word poilce movie :)

kewlkat0074213d ago

all types of videos about people of different sexual orientations, but do you purchase it NO, so why make a big deal about this types of content being offered on Live.

Just don't download it, just as you don't buy certain videos, or watch certain contents on television/cable. You still have a choice I think.

Hey MS is serious about broadening its horizons, I guess. A little Something for everybody on XBL. I can't imagine HOME for the PS3 and what you'll be able to do with your GF, or BF, or both..well you get the point.

gta_cb4212d ago

well there trying to make the Xbox 360 appeal to a much larger audience, and well there proving that they want to do it. good on your MS im not gay or anything and i think people like SuperSaiyan4 need to learn its not the 1900s anymore.

DirtyRat4213d ago

This is all very well and good, but when is the UK getting it?

gta_cb4212d ago

i think it was rumoured that the UK would be getting the true Video Marketplace this fall or near there, maybe this will be something announced at this years E3, although its not being held in the UK... ohwell guess we will have to wait and see.

SKUD4213d ago

Is the damn 3 season of AVATAR coming!.

DrunKao4213d ago

Season 2 season finale had like the best cliffhanger ever. I need to catch up on me some Airbender.

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The story is too old to be commented.