Nostalgia for the Relatively Recent

TheSixthAxis: 'The other day I got a heavenly delivery – you know, the kind that I would fight people off with a sword to enjoy. It was Heavenly Sword, as if I hadn't made that painfully obvious, from Lovefilm.

Now, I should explain. Two years ago, I bought my (first) PS3, and along with it I got Resistance and Motorstorm. I then bought Heavenly Sword, because this was the game I wanted to play the most and one of the driving forces behind me getting the console in the first place (just imagine, if I didn't see that fateful TV advert, I might not have ended up here, writing this…). I played both Resistance and Motorstorm a lot, enjoying the former more than the latter, but they still didn't feel particularly brilliant. They were good, don't get me wrong, but they still didn't blow me away...'

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