Shortt: Far Cry 3 'looks pretty exciting'

CC: A sequel to the critically acclaimed Far Cry 2 was confirmed last year with Ubisoft saying the game was "still at the preliminary stages." of development. Since then we haven't heard a lot from Ubi regarding the game, until now.

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mj2463105d ago

Let's hope it lives up to the Far Cry name :)

Dark_Overlord3105d ago

Lets hope this one actually works properly :D

AnttiApina3105d ago

Let's hope that it's actually FUN and SATISFYING to play.

Oldsnake0073105d ago

Yeah Farcry 2 'looked pretty exciting' too.

In the end, the game was only chaos.

Maddens Raiders3105d ago

-- what are you all talking about?? This game will rock just like Far Cry 2.

Do it today -- end FUD.

StanLee3105d ago

Critical acclaim? Really? You mean the fanboy reviewers reviewing the game's graphics but never really taking the time to realise the game's almost infinite number of flaws?!

PS3PCFTW3105d ago

this series id dead

please stop hyping garbage.

look at haze for ps3: hype, hype, hype= fail

halo series: hype, hype, hype= garbage

mw2: hype hype hype= bullfeces

dragunrising3105d ago

I think Ubisoft should have stuck with the PC with Farcry 2. BOTH console versions were a "farcry" from the quality of the PC version. AI and graphics both took a hit.

Unless games are made specifically for consoles these days(or even better exclusive) I think we're going to see more and more disparity in console vs PC graphics.

I hope it turns out great regardless.

Hellsvacancy3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I hated Far Cry 2, sum of it was awesome like when u throw a grenade or when u get shot but as 4 the rest WOT WOZ I THINKIN BUYIN IT MAN, i must of been smokin crack at the time

But then again Assassins Creed 2 was a BIG improvement over the 1st so as long as the devs learn b there mistakes Far Cry 3 could b fab

But im not holdin my breath

shovelbum3105d ago

I'm still working through it and doing every mission along the way. I don't love the gameplay and often play in in 3-4 hr sessions. Looks beautiful but those respawning checkpoints drive me insane. I have no problem with the concept but there should not be replacements 2 minutes after you kill them all. The map editor was amazing and I'd like to see other developers adopt similar editors into their console games. There are some really good maps that were done by players.

edgeofblade3105d ago

Not so sure Far Cry 2 was so critically acclaimed. It wasn't a Far Cry, so to speak. It was just a sorta awkward sandbox... with malaria.

nycredude3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I just hope they add more things to do that are dynamic. Maybe a mechanic where you have to hunt and kill animal for food. It could be part fps and part hunting sim.

Now that I think of it that is a great hook for this one. Oh and please fix the rendering issue with non wide screen. Farcry 2 felt way too claustrophobic.

SixTwoTwo3105d ago

i enjoyed fc2, even got the plat but some of the missions were far too repetitive. i hope they take the ac2 approach and add some more variety. if they do that then fc3 will be a stellar gameplay experience.

badz1493105d ago

played it on PC and totally not impressed and totally gave up early on it!

and LOL @Hellsvacancy

PrimordialSoupBase3105d ago

Ubi Montreal know how to follow up a promising concept, case and point Assassin's Creed II.

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mj2463105d ago

In-fact, i would prefer to see I AM ALIVE before FC3

PhilipLarkin3105d ago

Saw this in OPM. Far Cty 2 was dreadful, hope FC3 improves.

dkgshiz3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

How did it get good reviews? It literally made me tired every time I played it. After a good hour playing it I needed about a 4 hour nap.
Edit: @ S4NDM4N
Farcry 2 was boring no matter what you did. The missions were repetitive, the game play was terrible. The game didn't even have physics for crying out loud! I put about 5 hours total into the game. I just couldn't go on any further. The game was awful. Plus that awful map set up they had. I always crashed my car every time I had to look at the map! Why didn't they just pause it while you looked at the map?

S4NDM4N3105d ago

I have a question. How many people here played Far Cry 2 the way it was meant to be played?

See, the thing with Far Cry 2 is that the game is unscripted. Meaning you have to plan out your attacks, play however you want to play, and experiment around. It isn't like COD4 where they shove the campaign down your throat and force you to play however IW wants you to play it. You can do a mission however you want in Far Cry 2, and I feel like everyone missed this idea because open world games like GTA have linear and scripted missions.

Far Cry 2 is unscripted and open world. It has some problems here and there, but the gmaeplay, if played properly, was great.

However, most people just trudged through it, played it like any other FPS game, and expected the game to make exciting moments rather than the player making all the moments.

S4NDM4N3105d ago

oh ya and the console versions were terrible. Sure the graphics were done well, and the controls weren't terrible, but I bought the game for my PS3 and PC, and they feel completely different.

The aiming and gunplay in general is terrible on the PS3. Especially the gunplay. The guns aren't satisfying at all for some reason.

Also no quicksave on the consoles = failed.

The only reason reviewers said it was a good port was because the graphics were still there

Kira833105d ago

i thought FC2 was a great game even on the console, like gta just in first person.

Cenobia3105d ago

I hardly consider a game "open world" when it's just trees and 3 guys at checkpoints repeated over and over. The missions were fun enough, but getting between places was a fudging CHORE. The way the guns degraded was also a lot more annoying than anything else. If it happened 1/10 as many times it might have actually worked.

Also the story was idiotic. I'm still not 100% sure what was going on, and the ending was totally unbelievable. The "twist" before the ending was even dumber. They might as well have just had a line at the beggining of the game that said "Sorry, writing a story is hard and we don't feel up to it. Just run around and shoot these strategically placed black people instead."

God I hate that game.

edgeofblade3105d ago

@S4NDM4N: When the enemies can see you through dense brush long before you can see them... it's kinda hard to play it "as intended".

The way I tried playing it was with cheats. Much more enjoyable... but no less tedious.

execution173105d ago

i played the way it was supposed to be played :) do what ever the f*ck you want to complete a mission. some parts were just a waste of time, ei the briefcase hunting and the online was kinda boring, probably take a whole year just to get all those online trophies/achievements

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Staude3105d ago

Farcry 2 is one of the.. if not the worst game I have for my ps3. It's so pointelss and boring. I was expecting more of the game after all the hype.

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