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Critical Gamer Writes: Let me tell you why I never finished Mirror's Edge. The game received a lot of, as they say, mixed reviews but I actually held it as one of the best games of last year. The concept and gameplay was inventive and addictive, it had a unique graphical presentation and the soundtrack was incredible. The story was the usual take-it-or-leave-it schlock I've come to expect from high-concept titles, but still felt interesting enough to make me feel sufficiently involved to care about Faith and her, em, fate. Basically, I'm saying I liked it, yeah? But as the first sentence of this paragraph suggests, I never reached the end credits. To be completely honest, I was never even close.

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DemonStration3102d ago

Mirror's Edge is really frustrating the first time around. It's also really really short. Pick up a gun and you'll finish it in a sitting. Then come back later and finish it up with no guns.

Achievements are extra incentive, they shouldn't make or break the game for you.

scruffy_bear3102d ago

Got to agree achievements or trophies shouldn't break a game but for some people they love them and that's all they care about and not the important stuff like gameplay

ape0073102d ago

but don't you get little upset when you beat a game and you got 195 or somethin like that

achievements\trophies are indeed a great revolotion in games,most gamers like em,other don't but only one thing is certain,it's addictive to see your own profile upgrade more and more with time,pretty cool stuff

I can't wait to see Evolutions of this idea in upcoming years

scruffy_bear3102d ago

Got to agree achievements\trophies are very addictive, I love to see them come up when I've reach a goal in the game

PS3PCFTW3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

i like playing games to appreciate the a/v experience provided by the developers.

i guess you can call me an audiovideophile.

I really find it a waste of time to sit there for hours trying to unlock a meaningless asset.

Id rather go out with friends, go bang my girl senseless, or simply just go do something more meaningful with my time after beating a game.

Some games are so good that you want to beat them like 3-4 san andreas, Gran turismo, Snake eater, sons of the patriots and ff7 just to give an example. Those games are better than 90% of games out now and they have NO ACHIEVEMENTS or TROPHIES.

Those games give you a feeling of accomplishment without trophies /achievements, i guess to each their own.

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unknown_gamer3102d ago

I gave up on getting achievements as I'm not that skill with some game but I do hate seeing a half empty achievement list for some of my games

Mondayding3102d ago

The only time achievements and my lack of them really bother me is when I stupidly compare myself to another gamer I've just played and see that they've got more than me. Competitive? Moi? Oh yes.

Jockie3102d ago

Acheivements have completely passed me by. I have a mate though who is obsessed with them, if I'm playing an online game with him co-op he'll often go off the beaten path or repeatedly perform some arbitrary and repetitive task in pursuit of a little message that pops up on his screen and sits on his profile (that no-one else except for him will read ever).

The latest example was L4D2 where he tried to do the gnome one, but he died at the finale as I escaped to safety, completely ignoring his fallen gnome. He would've probably survived too if he had focused on the game instead of being side tracked.

RockmanII73101d ago

Not True. Sometimes when I get bored I compare games with someone in my party. If we both have the same game, I compare achievements.

Cubes3102d ago

For some reason I feel compelled to get all the trophies in the Uncharted games. No other game has the same appeal. It must be something to do with the fact you can go back to the individual levels to find the idols, rather than playing through the whole game again. I wish other developers would split their games up like that, as I don't have the time to play through games multiple times just for their trophies.

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