Vanillaware, what does it mean?

Vanillaware explains their name, as well as giving a hint towards future development.

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ndpad3185d ago

Vanillaware is massively under-rated in the industry. Just imagine what they could do with a massive budget.

multipayer3184d ago

I still have no clue what they have made, only speculation of the picture...

Reibooi3184d ago


Vanillaware have made Odin Sphere, The Grim Grimore and Oboromuramasa(Muramasa The Demon Blade). That picture is actually a play on a very old Japanese classic painting. I believe the name of the painting is the Fishermans Wife however I am not 100% sure about that.

Honestly I would not want to see them do a 3D game. I would like to see what they could do on the PS3 in 1080P. They have such a beautiful art style and I don't think that style would transfer to 3D so I would like to see them stay in 2D territory.

Yoshiii3184d ago

vanillaware need to start doing games on xbox or ps3

NiteX3184d ago

I wonder if that tickles her? Da suction makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Gago3184d ago

muramasa is one of the best and most underrated games this gen

Pheonix033182d ago

Can't wait to for Vanillaware's next game. They have become one of my favorite developers of all time with only 3 games released!